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Brazen Tire Thieves are Back

Photo: QueensPost

Nov. 4, 2013, Staff Report

The tire and rim thieves are back.

A car was spotted on the corner of 50th Street and Barnett Avenue this morning with its tires and rims missing.

According to Kevin O’Sullivan, who took this photo, the left side of the vehicle was held up by cobblestones, while the right side by a car jack.

To reduce the chances of being targeted by thieves, the police recommend that residents cut their front wheels toward the curb when they park.
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Hey Super how about all the rich people in sunnyside gardens demand zoning for a parking garage?

Let those rich people pay $100-150 a month to keep their nice shiny new car off the streets and leave all the free parking to the clunkers. Who will break into a 17 year old car with the original CASSETTE player in it?


The majority of New Yorkers do NOT own a car. I’d rather the police focus on issues that pertain to pedestians; same with cameras. People are more important than some set of shiny hubcaps. If car owners get together, maybe they can figure out something that doesn’t include the average taxpayer.


ive personally dealt with a car breakin off 43rd and 51st ave and have personally seen atleast 15 more in the past two years when i walk around there. 108th didnt want to file a police report since i only had liability insurance and lo and behold crime statistics come out a couple weeks after the incident and crime is down in 108. thanks dipshits.


Maybe if Sunnyside didn’t waste so much funds on stupid art and dog stuff they could afford putting camera all over town.


I dunno all you RICH people seem to have no money left over to park your new EXPENSIVE car in a garage.

If i see them steal rims off a 17 year ford escort station wagon…then i know they are desperate.

Mary Caulfield

@7 I don’t know the answers, but I can sure spot the problem. I didn’t say rich people should be penalized nor did I say poverty is a virtue.

I said I heard Bloomberg say you can’t tax the rich because they will move. The next day he hiked transit fares. Around the same time he doubled all the fines for car owners, and he hugely increased the number of city employees who walk the street giving them tickets. It was a deliberate strategy to close his budget gap: discourage people from owning cars and put them all onto public transportation. People who don’t have a car to leave the city spend much more of their money in it.

That is not a moral or philosophical observation, it is a factual recitation.

Mustang Squirts

cut your tires to the curb, there aint no curb in the pic.
who cares there was a nice write up yesterday in the NYT RE section tellin everyone how great Sunnyside is!


@Mary C….

I’m for a tax that is the same proportion on any income level. I don’t think “the rich” should be penalized for being successful. But I don’t think that being poor is necessarily a virtue.

Mary Caulfield

@ Oil, b, h—I am, but what good does it do? As Bloomberg said, “You can’t raise taxes on the rich, they move.” So, you have to get it from people who can’t move.

It’s class warfare but no one cares except the people who are so busy trying to keep a roof over their heads they are too tired to complain.

I don’t see any journalists writing about it. The political-business class buys ads in their papers.

Oil, beef, hooked

Hey, I caught some traffic officer giving me a ticket 10 minutes before the alternate side time started. He said, “I didn’t think you would show up.”

I still had to take a day off from work to fight the damn ticket.

The city is reaming us up the ass. Yet, when some TV crew comes to hog up 6 blocks of parking for 2 days, they get the red carpet treatment.

Is anyone else sick of this garbage?


Michael K, or maybe this is a better question for Dorothy…do you know what the zoning is for the old billiard hall? It’s for sale, and I fear an ugly high rise condo that will block my view (I live next door).


I agree there is a massive overabundance of ticketers.

I had one guy give me a ticket when my meter time was out by less than one minute. When I objected he told me I was “an animal,” poorly educated and badly brought up. Didn’t I realize he had an important office to fulfill?

I kid you not.

But when I once called the police about my windows being broken they said it was my fault for parking on Barnett. I said nothing, but I thought, “No. It is the city’s fault for eliminating so many street spots, jamming more and more people into this section of Queens and advertising the area in order to boost real-estate prices. I didn’t do any of that. The city did. Hence I have to park on Barnett.

Bill Ryan

Attention- Jimmy Van Bremer
Major crime issue here- we must not go back to the old days.
Not to forget violent crime that is now escalating throughout our neighborhood.
This is your PRIMARY responsibility as our city councilman.
The upcoming days of Deblasio look very scary.
How about stepping up and taking a stand against crime.
That means standing up to our probable future mayor.
We need action- not photo ops.

I wonder if I am wasting my time writing this.
Don’t just blame the cops.
How about action from City Hall?


The 108th precinct is still too busy not finding missing children and rapists to worry about not finding tire thieves.


We all should just buy some wheel locks, and send the bill to 108.
Although I suppor the on-foot-patrol of our neighborhood, I really don’t think more patrol is the solution for this, the will just wait til the patrol car passes, then will go on to stealing them. I still can’t believe cops are not baiting these thieves, we can supply the tracking units if they are so broke to buy a set. Maybe we need a vigilante to do it himself and get these bastards, but too bad taking-the-law-into-ones-own-hands is a crime.

Michael Kilpatrick

Said it here once before, it would be a great idea to put a small police precinct in where the old billiard hall was. This neighborhood needs more real police presence instead of the over abundant presence of traffic cops!


Good point 7TD, cops should watch 43rd Street between 43rd Ave and Skillman, adjacent to the school where there are a couple of tree its with cobblestones and in particular one pit with loose cobblestones taken out so the kids could plant flowers in the dirt. Editor – looks like you forgot to turn back the clock in this comment section.


Everybody knows the streets thieves like to hit. Why don’t the cops patrol there a bit more often?


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