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Bob Holden and Tom Suozzi Endorse Candidate for 30th Assembly Race

Tom Suozzi and Bob Holden endorse Ramon Cando for NYS Assembly (Facebook)

May 31, 2022 By Christian Murray

A candidate running on a law-and-order platform for the 30th Assembly District seat has been endorsed by Council Member Robert Holden and Rep. Tom Suozzi, a gubernatorial candidate who currently represents a portion of Long Island and a sliver of northeast Queens.

Ramón Cando, who is a Democratic district leader, announced the endorsements Monday during a rally at 69th Street and Grand Avenue today. He is vying to replace Brian Barnwell, who announced last month that he is not seeking reelection.

The Democratic primary will consist of Steven Raga and Cando. The district, which has undergone significant change due to redistricting, covers the neighborhoods of Woodside, Maspeth Elmhurst, along with parts of Jackson Heights.

“Almost every week, we hear of another shooting, another hate crime, or more robberies taking place in our communities,” Holden said. “Enough is enough! It is time to take back our city, and along with Cando, I am fighting to make sure our streets are safe again.”

Suozzi is also endorsing Cando based on his law-and-order platform.

“Our city needs leadership that will work to prioritize public safety,” Suozzi said. “With Ramon Cando, we have a leader who understands the importance of safe streets, plus he knows what to do to make it happen.”

Cando, who is closely aligned with former state senator Hiram Monserrate, said that he will promote a four-point plan for a safer New York.

He said that he would address bail reform, increase criminal and civil penalties for gun traffickers, increase mental health services and increase funding for the police.

“No more excuses and pandering politics,” Cando said. “We need a public safety plan to combat crime and keep us safe!

Raga, meanwhile, has a slew of endorsements from elected officials, including Congressmembers Gregory Meeks and Grace Meng; State Sen. John Liu; and Assemblymembers Ron Kim and Catalina Cruz.

The primary is schedule for June 28.

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Susan & Robert

Write in Brian Barnwell. Maybe if we force him to run, he will come back.

Concerned Citizen

I trust any of Holden’s recommendations unlike the progressive snakes.


Bob Holden and Tom Suozzi Endorse Ramón Cando Candidate for 30th Assembly Race

LIC Direct

Boy this Raga guy just wants to so badly be a politician and go on easy street, always running for a vacant seat somewhere, Raga’s opposing Amazon HQ coming to LIC/Western Queens and his affiliation to Jimmy “Photo-Op” Van Bramer is enough for me not to vote for him. Won’t vote for Cando either – Hiram Monseratte is a crook in sheep’s clothing. Any affiliation with Hiram should keep Cando out of office as well. We need to keep these wannabe politicians in check. Have someone new, clean represent our district.

Greg McHall

Ramon Cando is a stand-up guy, he knows public safety because he says he does. I mean he is part of a union, not sure how that reflects public safety, but you know, he says he does know a thing or two about public safety. His resume is not too good, but you know, he says he knows about it, so I’m assuming he does.

Mary Gillinhall

What does cando know about public safety? What is his track record? Being in a union does not mean you know what public safety is, nor is supporting convicted felons.


Ramon Cando is a Lasso supporter and doesn’t understand basic economic principles. Substantially increasing the police budget reduces “visible crime” by a mere 0.03 % (vox). This means less resources for our working class community concerning legal, economic and social aid.

Bob from Maspeth

Public safety how? What does Ramon Cando know about public safety? What’s his experience or education on the measures that will determine public safety in this city? Other than supporting a domestic abuser, and convicted corrupt felon in Hiram Monserrate. The people of Maspeth will not let this slide.


Wow so bob holden is supporting a Hiram Monserrate backed candidate. Wonder what the juniper park civic is gonna think of this?


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