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Bloomberg Officially Gives Koch the Queensboro Bridge


April 11, 2011 By Christian Murray

Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a bill signing ceremony earlier today where he approved the “Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge” renaming.

The City Council voted in favor of the plan last month.

During his three terms, former Mayor Ed Koch spearheaded projects for many city bridges, including the Queensboro.

The bridge was also part of Koch’s district when he served in Congress.

Bloomberg proposed renaming the bridge to celebrate Koch’s 80th birthday.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found 64 percent of city voters are opposed to renaming the bridge, and 70 percent of Queens residents want the bridge to keep its current name.

Several city lawmakers have also come out against the renaming.

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can’t we just re-name the netting that hangs below & catches all the loose bride pieces? Koch Net – I’ll donate towards the signage. And I will salute this netting every time I walk over the bridge. Sorry, I always call it the 59th St bridge like Simon & Garfunkel and in my mind that’s how it will stay.


City had no right!!!! changes should only happen if WE ask so we can keep deceased person in our hearts, not politics. triboro more than 1 boro, and not a bridge so people care about. so made some sense. but WRONG because we did not ask for it.



At least they didn’t rename it the Ted Kennedy bridge with a special lane where drunk drivers could fly off the bridge into the river where they could then leave their passenger to drown.


Elton you are right – nobody will ever call the Triborough the RFK Bridge. As for Koch, if he had any decency, he would “decline the honor”.


Why no fuss over the RFK Bridge? At least Koch was a New Yorker all his life and “Queensboro” is in the official name. Not so with the Triborough Bridge!


What hubris — 70% of Queens residents and 64% of NYC residents think the bridge renaming is a bad idea.

I guess Mayor Mike just doesn’t get it.


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