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Blink Fitness To Open Woodside Location


Dec. 17, 2015 By Christian Murray

Blink Fitness is planning to convert a two-story building on Roosevelt Avenue into a health club.

The company has filed an application with the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals to create what’s known as a physical culture establishment (PCE) at 56-02 Roosevelt Ave., in what is now a dilapidated manufacturing building.

Blink, which touts its discount pricing and modern equipment, plans to utilize both floors of the Roosevelt Avenue building, according to an attorney representing the company at a Community Board 2 Land Use Committee meeting Wednesday.

The ground floor would consist of treadmills, bicycles, office space, locker rooms and a reception area. The upstairs would largely be dedicated to gym equipment, a stretching area and free weights.

Blink anticipates that between 5,000 and 7,000 people would become members of the Woodside facility, with about 600 to 700 members using it per day, according to the attorney. The club anticipates that between 70 and 100 members would be at the facility during a regular hour.

The PCE permit is expected to take about eight months to obtain. Construction would begin soon after. A representative of the gym estimated that the facility would open in 2017.

The company anticipates the facility would create 30 jobs, with 15 employees at the gym at any one time.

Hours would be 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays.

The Blink representative does not anticipate that there will be any significant issues that would block the permit from being granted.

CB 2 will review the application at its next full board meeting on Jan. 7.

Blink currently has about 40 locations throughout New York and New Jersey. It opened a facility in Astoria in January 2014 and one in Jackson Heights in the fall of 2014.

Blink is the low-cost branch of the pricey Equinox brand of gyms. The monthly membership fee is around $20 per month.

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x blink member

if you go to blink almost everyday they will charge you more than their advertised price. i guess they only want u to work out once a month.


Shut up Meg!!..For this price….Ummmm might be really crapy. Although NYSC in LIC is expensive and its really BAD, NASTY people and when i mean nasty i mean STICKY ASS people. The Smell like they shower with Sewage water. Anyhow will go and give it a try, i want to leave NYSC so bad but need a better option out there.


I would enjoy a nicer bigger gym in the area. But would be nicer if they had classes as well. I just would like it to be kept clean and people to respect the rules of the gym. The gym is not a pick-up joint nor a party place to me. I’m there for my heath and well beaning a stress release after a long hard day at work. I hope it goes through for many people it’s close and price isn’t bad. Good-luck Blink come soon so I can join.


Pretty exciting getting a gym in this area. We don’t have many but BIG6 Fitness and I believe Physique (something like that). I must say why does Blink take this spot? NYSC should come and take over lol. All honesty, go try out a Blink gym then a NYSC, THERES A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN EQUIPTMENT!! Yes to everone whose going to say there’s one in 40th but thats quite a comute for people without motor vehicles!!!

Fuck Blink

Fuck Blink. They fool you with the whole no contract/month to month deal. So why is it when I canceled, they sent me to collection saying I owed x amount of money for the rest of the year? Apparently there is some bullshit procedure you have to follow to cancel “Properly” or you get hit with a shit bill that gets sent to collections…

Eamonn F

I hate it when anyone including corporations tries to provide new amenities in my neighborhood creating new jobs and revitalizing dilapidated buildings and blocks. I should point out that its especially worrisome given that people might exercise or even get healthy if this crazy idea is approved. Please join my petition online at:


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