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Bill Murray Visits Sunnyside

Bill Murray in Sunnyside (Photo: Simon Raymundo)

August 4, 2013 Staff Report

Bill Murray was in Sunnyside this morning walking around PS 150.

Murray was there working on an upcoming film that is using PS 150’s auditorium as a movie set.

The movie, St. Vincent de Van Nuys, stars Murray, Naomi Watts and Chris O’Dowd.

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Wish my Mom were still around. She would have loved having a front row seat to the making of a movie. Her apartment building was right at the corner of 40th St and 43rd Ave. That is directly across the street from PS 150. Maybe she is watching from her new vantage point.

susan kess

Sorry I hit wrong button. I also love Bill Murray and shorts he wore fit his style. Watched movie 3x .


That’s pretty funny.

Maybe we could keep a few utility vehicles around and just get rid of personal vehicles, many of which rarely have one than one passenger at a time anyway. Think ahead for a minute- what do you thin NYC’s population will be in 2023? How many more cars can we fit in this city? Right now, a film crew comes to town and suddenly there’s no place to park. At the rate we’re going, gasoline will be quite expensive, and less plentiful.

I’ll still be here, though, and I won’t be worrying about parking, that’s for sure.


Ok Super.

I hope some day you need to get to a hospital emergency room in a big hurry and the bicycle paramedics take you there on the handlebars of their bikes.


I saw a guy from the catering company at the Met (not the museum) around 7:30 buying a bunch of bagels so they indeed support the local economy!


Many of us were displaced by the movie production’s taking up our parking spaces. Most of us are understanding of the situation and figure out alternatives. I parked under the 7 train last night and then spent about 45 minutes looking for parking this morning. A wonderful person actually signaled to me that he was leaving. I thought I heard his car opening ‘beep beep’ sound and lo and behold, indeed, he was leaving. So I found a spot.

Somehow life goes on.


I’m “fairly certain” they’ll find a spot eventually, and this will give them something else to complain about tomorrow. Some people were born to complain; they’re the ones that have difficulty finding parking.

I look forward to the day when cars become totally impractical and we can reclaim all of the space and energy we’ve comitted to these noisy, dangerous, and expensive machines. They burn up dwindling resources of fuel and pollute our environment. I ride a bicycle and have very little to complain about, except for all the crazy drivers!

Oil, Beef, Hooked

However many people in Sunnyside have cars, they have a right to them. The taxes they pay on gas and fees for registration and licenses etc. pay to keep up the roads. I’m fairly certain that the film crew and actors will also be using cars and will have no problem finding a space.


That’s right, I do not have a car and do not need a parking space.

I would imagine that most of the people in Sunnyside do not have a car; what do you think?

Oil, Beef, Hooked

I’ll take a guess and say that Super Witty doesn’t have a car or a private parking spot and won’t be one of the many who will have the extreme inconvenience of not finding parking anywhere when they come home after a hard day’s work late tonight or tomorrow.

But heaven forbid the precious film crew and actors should encounter the smallest inconvenience.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of the stars will let you lick his shoes.


Many of us are happy to see this sort of activity going on in the neighborhood. Stop being so cranky all the time. If you want an investigation, why not conduct one yourself? This sort of activity has been going on for years, long before Mayor Bllomberg came along, or the hipsters, or you. I’m glad when Bill Murray, Robert Deniro, or Jummy Caan are in town. It’s like living in Hollywood!

Furthermore, if someone tells you (they’re probably just asking you) that you can’t walk on your street or into your building, just smile and keep walking. You can explain that you live there, if you feel like it. Take some of the anger you vent towards bike riders and use it productively. You don’t live in Panseyville, you live in Queens! You’re allowed to show a little attitude when someone tells you to do something that you don’t want to do. Either ignore them or give them a piece of your mind.


He is not visiting, he is just working. These film crews occupy city blocks for days, can someone do an investigation on exactly how much they are paying, who is issuing these permits, and what do the community get out of these movies? I would really like to see what they cost the community and what do the community get in return for their extremely loud trucks, nasty yelling people walking around, people not allowed to go in and out of their buildings during shoots, vehicles parked in wrong direction and idling all day, list goes on and on.. Bloomberg is the one issuing these permits, my guess, and the money goes to Manhattan, does not stay in Sunnyside.

Sunnyside Girl

They’re filming right outside my building and I was out walking around this morning but I didn’t see him! Damn!


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