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Big Turnout for Sunnyside/Woodside Artists


June 18, 2014 By Christian Murray

More than 800 people turned out to attend an art fair held in Sunnyside on Sunday.

The event, organized by, took place at the Queen of Angels parish hall from 12:00 pm to 5 pm and featured the works of 35 Sunnyside and Woodside arts.

The artists set up tables inside the hall, where they displayed and sold their art.

“We were thrilled with the turnout,” said Patricia Dorfman, the founder of SunnysideArtists, who said it took 26 volunteers to put the event together.

Popular artists included Ann Cofta, who sold tiny beaded sculptures of apartment building water towers and roller coasts; Gareth Fletcher, an oil painter, who sold paintings of local scenes and store fronts; and Tricia Healy, who sold large abstract oil paintings.

Meanwhile Don Soules’ photography, which featured scenes from all over the world, drew many people to his table.

All of the artists sold some of their work, selling from $50 to around $1,000 worth.

The event, titled Queen of Angels Art Fair VII, was non-denominational. However, Father Brian Dowd who provided the free space and promoted the event heavily said he was proud that the church got behind it and saw it as a great way to promote the neighborhood.

Ona Whitman, who has worked the door for all seven events, said: “We had 74 people [when we started] and thought it was a big crowd.”

Attendees were able to buy food for $5, which was provided by Bliss 46 Bistro, DeMole, Bar 43, Dazies and Murphy’s Lobster Grill.

However, with the big crowd, all the food was all gone by 4 pm.

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Great event for Sunnyside community. Come out to these events and support a thriving artist community in Sunnyside and don’t forget the art show at the Copper Kettle!


I hope the sponsors of this art fair will remove the fliers they have plastered all over every lamp post and mailbox, with ugly neon tape. Each illegally posted flier gets a $100 fine. Please act like good neighbors.

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Hipsta Thugg

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Yeah... About That...

@Luvu2 @Anonymous

Based on the way the Chamber markets itself, it seems like they don’t have any money to support anyone. The money collected at luncheons is barely enough. Most of their money had come from city funding, but a Chamber of Commerce should be able to raise its own money from members and events, instead of using taxpayer money to support itself.

Dave the greek

The boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooze was good. especially the LI iced teas. and they were f’ing FREE!!!!!


@ Luvu2 At the Chamber of Commerce luncheons the members pay for their own lunches which supports the local businesses.


Please tell chamber of commerce when they hold their meetings in cafes or restaurants to spend some money they should be helping other starving artists

Ignorance is Bliss Street

This is a wonderful event. If you’ve never been, make a point of attending next year. Last Sunday was a great day for local art lovers. Shortly after this exhibit closed, a few streets away a fantastic new art gallery and furniture store opened. There’s a lot going on in Sunnyside if you just know where to look.

Sunnyside Is Blooming

A positive event for the community. Speaking of positive events. Someone in the community took it upon themselves to plant flowers in that old garbage and weed filled cement planter next to the Dime Savings Bank on 43d and Queens Blvd. if you did that please contact me at
We need positive events and actions like these in out community.


great event, but no way there were that many people there. and food was still available at 5pm. bad reporting.


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