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Big Cleanup Planned for Sunnyside’s Commerical District

Last year's Cleanup.

Last year’s Cleanup.

Oct. 2, 2014 By Christian Murray

More than one hundred volunteers are expected turn out under the Sunnyside Arch on Saturday, October 11, to help clean up and beautify Sunnyside’s main business district.

The volunteers, who will represent a variety of local clubs and groups, will be picking up garbage and sweeping the streets between 38th and 50th Streets—in the vicinity of Queens Blvd and Greenpoint Avenue. Furthermore, they will be planting bulbs in tree pits.

However, before planting, the tree pits will be cleaned and weeded. From there, the dirt is expected to be softened and mulch put down.

The event is being organized by Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s office.

Several groups have signed up to join in the clean up—such as the Sunnyside/Woodside Boys & Girls Club, Sunnyside/Woodside Girl Scouts, Sunnyside is Blooming, the United 40s Civic Association, Sunnyside Shines, Trees New York, New York Cares and La Guardia Community College.

Individuals and groups are encouraged to participate in the event.

Don McCallian, president of the United 40s Civic Association, a group dedicated to addressing neighborhood concerns in Sunnyside/Woodside, said he is expecting a big turnout. “We will be making a special effort to get our members out for this,” he said.

The group has a membership of about 60 people, who meet monthly.

“A periodic clean-up benefits us all,” McCallian said. “It gets people thinking about putting garbage in the baskets and helps groom the neighborhood.”



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Sunnyside is Blooming

For those of you who have tried to get things done here and been frustrated I hear ya. I have been frustrated also but I have also gotten things done. I’m not looking to conquer the world or even Sunnyside but I know that I can make a positive impact on the neighborhood. There is strength in numbers. Come out on October 11 and join me the rest of the year. My group will be planting flowers in the tree beds on 43d street between Skillman and Barnett on that day.

Been Here Too Long

When I see the owners of buildings and managers of businesses taking care of residential streets I will come out and help them look good. I did it last year, but never again. Businesses take from here, they don’t give anything.

Anonymous visitor

What about supporting small businesses? You’re against our local small businesses?


There are a lack if garbage cans in the neighborhood because if residents don’t obey the rules and overflow them with illegal garbage the sanitation department will take them away. My group has had personal experience with dealing with the sanitation department on this issue. The people of Sunnyside have to obey the rules – no household garbage in the garbage cans and the sanitation department has to educate people. Just taking away the cans is not the solution. [email protected].

Sunnyside is Blooming

Believe it or not there is garbage that you’re not supposed to throw in the street corner receptacles. Take a look at the DSNY website. It may be an enlightening experience for you and many others in this neighborhood.

Sunnyside Is Blooming

In addition to the work on QB and Skillman my group will be doing a separate planting on 43d Street between Skillman and Barnett. If you want to get involved the rest of the year contact me at [email protected]. One person can make a huge difference. Call Councilman Van Bramer’s office to register and come out Saturday October 11. And Anthony thanks for all the work that you’ve done in Sunnyside!


Thanks to the Volunteers. Their is a serious lack of trash cans along the
Sunnyside/Woodside commercial streets and avenues. Worse along Skillman Ave. I guess it comes to funding for garbage collection. What else can it be?…most folks want to do the right thing but can’t.

Anonymous visitor

Really? They want to do the right thing but can’t because there aren’t enough garbage cans? Bull!

If there’s no garbage can around you don’t get a pass on littering, you hold onto the garbage until you get home and you put it in your own garbage can. Stop being an apologist for litter bugs.

'anonymous' is a dbag

Sadly, we need to have rules and ideas just like Anthony proposed, as some people are selfish, clueless, ignorant and believe the world revolves around them.


Oh god it desperately needs it. That being said where the hell does the landlord’s responsibility lay with this? I wish I could post a pic I took last night of a habitually disgusting building over on 45th St/50th Ave… a building I’ve complained about numerous times but the city has only taken action on once.

And along 45th St between Qns Blvd and Greenpoint is also disgusting.

As many know, I work in bldg management. If I EVER let the streets of one of my buildings get that bad for even a day not only would I be just personally embarrassed by my lack of respect for my neighbors, but fined up the wazoo by the city.

Anthony Blackwood

While its a great idea and many thanks to the people who will participate. But what about next week and the week after that when slobs will just throw their garbage anywhere the feel like it on the street. 1. Sanitation dept should provided more garbage cans
2. Merchants that sell consumable goods should provide a garbage bin outside their establishments.
3. Police should be more vigilant in issuing tickets for any slob that throws garbage on the street.
4. Homeowners should sweep in front of their homes once a week if its needed or not

Anthony blackwood

Actually anonymous I have done quite a lot for Sunnyside in the 48 years I have lived here and have participated in many community events. Unfortunately due to my medical condition i can no longer help and enjoy working with the great residents that i have met over the years. I would hope as people like myself can no longer help out, new residents will find opportunities like these to participate and contribute to keeping our neighborhood populated with the kind & friendly people


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