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Bicyclist Hospitalized After Accident at 46th Street


Photo: Paul Ker

Aug. 26, 2012 Staff Report

A bicyclist was taken to hospital on a Wednesday evening after he struck a car at the intersection of 46th Street and 43rd Ave.

The incident occurred at about 7pm, August 22, and witnesses claim the cyclist was riding the wrong way down 43rd Ave before he hit a moving car broadside.

The FDNY were called to arrive on the scene at 7:01pm and took the man to Elmhurst Hospital, an FDNY spokesman said. The department did not provide any further details as to his name or condition. Additionally, the department did not say who was at fault.

However, witnesses said the man appeared conscious.

Thanks to Paul Ker for the news tip and photo

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Jousting. Now that’s a peachy idea. I’m just gonna ride with a 12 foot lance and an armored suit and pray one of these imbeciles comes a rockin my way. YouTube gold they call it.

Get a Life

Someone mentioned Saddik Khan. Now she is a waste of a public official yet she is Bloomberg’s favorite.

you all make me laugh

The simple answer is that fewer and fewer people follow the traffic laws regardless if they are on a bike, in a car or walking. I can count how many times I’ve seen pedestrians jay walk, stand in the street or dash across qb against the light so they can try and catch the 7 train pulling into 46th street. The bottom line is EVERYONE needs to obey the traffic laws…


FYI – If you click on the image above it will take you to the photographer’s Flickr account, where there are a few more photos.


If the city is going to draw bike lanes the city needs to enforce the rules.

When there’s a bike lane, you ride in the bike lane and only in the bike lane, except to pass double parked cars.

You ride in the direction of traffic, not against it.

Riding in a bike lane does not relieve riders of their other responsibilities. That is, obey red lights. Wear a helmet. Signal turns. Yield to pedestrians. Use lights at night.

If you can’t do it, leave your bikes at home. At this point the city needs to license bikes and their riders.

Preschool Teacher

Opressed Masses!! It was right by the park on 43rd St. and Skillman. It looked like 2 Knights on horses jousting! It was quite surreal.

And what I don’t get is why people speaking passionately on a subject, and citing specific facts is considered “negative” and hateful?! Nobody wants anyone hurt. That seems pretty clear. It’s all about safety: for pedestrians and for bike riders.

Triple Threat

Hey guess what….. I’m a cyclist, I drive a car AND I’m a pedestrian. Everytime I’m doing one of the above I always notice how the other two are always breaking the law! Cyclists and even Motorcyclists ride recklessly running lights and you name the other offenses. Drivers speed and drive like idiots thinking their airbags will save them. And pedestrians constantly jaywalk, cross against lights and in a ton of cases have an attitude that spews…” Come on, hit me…..I sue your A** off!” When doing one if not all three activities everybody has to respect the RULES! STOP WITH THE ATTITUDES!!!


Teacher – That’s awesome two bicyclists on their bikes fist fighting. Syne next time you can get a picture and post it here.


I don’t doubt that many cyclists violate road laws but in what way does that justify a vindictive attitude towards all cyclists. The negativity is overwhelming. Frankly my observation is that the bike lanes are convenient double parking and hit and runs are a constant. Yeah maybe SOME bikers are jerks, but that NEVER justifies wishing the ill fate of another human being. I’m sorry that my neighbors have such darkness in their hearts.


Too many cyclist DO NOT respect the rules of the road and end up road kill. I’m a biker, both pedal and motorized, been one a long time. Idiots like this one get what they deserve. You MUST respect the road, watch out for pedestrians, and those big heavy things that share the road with you, you know, cars and trucks, they never ever see you. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

Native NYer

I’ve NEVER seen a bicycylist on the Skillman or 39th ave bike lanes stop at a red light. Bicyclists are required to obey all traffic laws, very few obey the red light law. Very dangerous indeed.

Today I was driving up 39th avenue (I had the GREEN light) and a bicyclist, sans helmet, comes ripping around the corner by Donato’s onto 39th. Guy was very lucky that this old gal still has some good reflexes.


Check the facts, amount of people biking in this city has risen a lot in the last few years, so either we have to find a way to make these “bikers” responsible for riding against the light or wrong way or riding on sidewalk, otherwise we will have more and more headaches.. Just like how a car cannot drive on wrong way, bikes should not be riding as they wish, they are asking for trouble and nobody cares.. If these idiots (not the law abiding bikers) can have their own lanes, making an already narrow road even narrower, they have to obey the laws.

Preschool Teacher

Wesley, you’re right! People just write any ‘knee jerk’ response online without having the facts. Like my friend, “Hey Teacher,” who does not know me and spews his/her vitriol because I wrote that I was on Court St. in Bkln. I’m a Sunnyside native! We are allowed to take a subway and visit other neighborhoods once in a while! And I know of what I speak regarding bicyclists! I have seen them laying in the gutter waiting for EMTs waaaaay too often!! There is also also a sense of entitlement amongst bike riders. I recently saw two bike riders on Skillman Av. get in to a fist fight while still on their bikes!! The city and its inhabitants are just not ready for biking as a form of transportation!

MIke Novak

Riding the wrong way….All you need to know.

WHEN are the fabled crimefighters of the 108th going to get cracking and start writing these miscreants tickets?

As a bike rider and car owner, I have no problem with having the city issue licenses to bike riders so they can be fined just like motorists for failing to obey the law.

My tax dollars went to Bloomie and his gal Sandik-Khan and her precious bike lanes. ENFORCE THE LAW or get rid of the useless bike lanes.

Rick Duro

It’s hard to have tons of sympathy for people that purposely put themselves in harms way.

1. Use the bike lane, in the proper direction
2. Wear a helmet

I think people would be more sympathetic to bikers if they obeyed the rules of the road and STAYED OFF THE SIDEWALKS.

The silent electro-scooters are the worst offenders, (see Golden Wok delivery people). Worst is many of them ARE wearing helmets and we pedestrians aren’t. Hike up the fine to $500 and confiscate their ILLEGAL bikes, that’ll get there attention.

I hope the guy in the picture is ok and that next time he’ll pay more attention and not put himself & others in harms way

Wesley Dumont

You guys really should get a tv show. So much righteous anger wasted here next to this awesome picture from Pete’s Grill.


I bike,and drive I stay in bike lines when on the bike and stay out off the Bike lines when driving in the car. Sorry about this guy getting hurt but he was in the wrong , im sure the person who hit him is feeling like crap now because this guy didnt obey the road rules . And for the bikers on the sidewalks Stay off , Old people are frighten off these people , cops could be handing out more tickets

There, Their, They're

I’ve been nearly wiped out by too many bicyclists zipping down the street the wrong way to muster up much sympathy for this schmuck.

Reuben Sandwich

As far as I am concerned about this wrong way biker: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!


And another biker bites the dust..and another one gone and another one gone.

That’s a song…I’m singing it because I loathe bikers. They are a pretentious breed of D-bags that zip around the city eating red lights and look at you with attitude because you are disrupting their precious path when you are crossing the street AT THE WALK SIGN.
I have lost count how many times I have almost gotten hit by these idiots. You wanna bike go to a damn park.

So when a biker sings an angel gets his wings!

Hey Teacher

You came all the way here to be a biased ass, Teacher? Don’t teach my kids a god-damn thing, most of all compassion.

Preschool Teacher

So much for those bike lanes. Idiots don’t even use them properly. I was on Court St. in Brooklyn last week and saw a bike rider wiped out, surrounded by EMTs. This city is not “bike-friendly.” Too much traffic!! Take your bike to Central Park, or move to Amsterdam.


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