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Beauty Salon to Open on Greenpoint Avenue

Photo: QueensPost

Feb. 21, 2011 Staff Report

A beauty salon is opening at 42-20 Greenpoint Ave at the former location of Sugar & Joe.

Sugar & Joe,  which was best known for selling cupcakes, closed in January 2010.

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Another beauty salon – how do they stay in business? Sunnyside: home to junk stores, nail salons and hair cutting places. We used to have shoe stores but the rents were raised through the roof and the owners left.


I doubt that a bookstore or music store would thrive, what with Borders going bankrupt and most music sales being made through iTunes. Just sayin’.


Krissi, maybe one way for you to get your childrens and women shoe store lets call up favor or payless and see if we can offer them space in our town. Spread out that red carpet for them. after that what aboiut a book store and a all around musc store and some parking for our town
then we would have a perfect town


better than empty space.

Seriously, the neighborhood is BEGGING for a women’s and children’s shoe store. How is this not happening?


I wonder if they are going to do something different than the one on 43rd strreet next to sunnyside shines, their is also one down the block on 43rd street heading south around the corner that has been there for about 4-5 years already. So there are a few.

But Kuddos to sunnyside post for an update on our town new about new business opeining. We seem to have an abundance of new store opening in the past few weeks and this web site is very helpful in landmarking these new business. That is something very inportant we need to know what is happening in our town expecially new businesses


There was one long time ago, what was it called? Diva or something? I am guessing the abundance of “beauty salons” in the are is not enough to keep them from opening. We need more stores & restaurants, not barbers or “trim salons”.


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