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Basmati Table to Reopen as Saffron Garden

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March 15, 2011 Staff Report

Basmati Table, the Indian restaurant located on Skillman Ave (btw. 46th and 47th streets) that has been closed for the past two weeks, will reopen in early April, according to its owner Alim Maruf.

The restaurant will be renamed Saffron Garden and will offer a more extensive Indian menu. The restaurant has been closed as these changes are being made, Maruf said.

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Sunny Resident

All I can say is that the food at Saffron was amazing last night! I had the Chickpeas and potato in a delicious sauce and the chicken tikka masalla – the deal is amazing – $10.95 for an app, entree, rice and naan. I was treated to popodums while I waited for my takeout by the lovely owner and host! I was even treated to another type of naan (not sure what it was called but amazing!) Im so happy a great indian restaurant is right in our back yard – finally!!


Basmati Table was a big disappointment- inconsistent, and at times not even good. Bland & boring.
So happy to be getting a new Indian restaurant. New owners, new menu… can’t wait! Lets all give it a try.

Sunny Resident

I have very high hopes for the reopening of this place. Basmati’s food just did not manage to be consistent (as others mentioned) and there were some problems with atmosphere and service – even though all those who worked there were always friendly – it just did not have the vibe that it needed to survive. Hopefully Saffron will be more consistent and traditional in style/menu and I wish them nothing but the best – particularly since Im fed up of venturing to other neighborhoods and boroughs to find good Indian food. We will certainly be giving you our support and business! We are huge fans of Bliss and it’s owner – good luck!

Sofia Geier

Basmati Table was so-so. And I’m afraid I have to disagree about Bliss Bistro which doesn’t cater to vegetarians with the desire to dine in a lovely neighborhood place. I think if that menu changed things up a little the owner might find his place packed a little more often.


I wonder if Bismate Table is reading all these stories and opinions and quesitons. I have never tried this restarnat but I guess alot of other people have, does anyone else have an opinion. How was the service other than the food?

Most likely...

I assume they were tired of customers asking why their name was Basmati Table, when they weren’t serving basmati rice! (Seriously though, why wouldn’t you serve Basmati rice if that is the name of your restaurant? It would have been much better than the bland minute rice they appeared to be using!)

Anyways, I hope they do make significant changes to the menu and to the overall ambiance – it needed some help.

Best of luck to Saffron Garden.


Agree with Krissi! I went there twice — once was phenomenal and the second time was dismal. Flavorless and cold food. I hope they get their act together under these new changes — I’m willing to give them another shot!


Basmati Table was very hit-or-miss. No consistency. But when it was good, it was great! Hope the menu is a bit more extensive and consistent this time. Not sure why the name change though!

I miss Sonali, they were the best in the area.


My experience was similar to “MFK”. I found the food was rather bland and even when “spicey ” was requested and the taste was like something out of a box. We loved the convenience and tried three different times to see if we hit an off night but the Biranyi House on 43rd street always tasted better to us. We will try the new place when it opens and hope that it has improved.


I love his other restaurant but did not like this one. Sometimes the food tasted really bad or was poorly prepared. Also the last time I was there our rice was cold when it was served and we had to send it back twice in order for it to be warmed. I am afraid that the owner has over extended himself.
Get a new chef, get a liquor lic and then re-open. Don’t know what happened with this place, his other place, Bliss is still sooooo amazing.


Any idea why the name change, could the menu change without the name change. it the menu going to be more expensive or are the prices staying the same

just curius sunnysider!!!


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