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Bars Raise $5,500 for Sunnyside Woodside Boys & Girls Club

Photo: QueensPost

Oct. 8, 2013 By Christian Murray

Ten Sunnyside bars and restaurants came together last night and delivered a $5,530 check to the leaders of the Sunnyside Woodside Boys & Girls Club.

The bars—all located on or near Queens Blvd—helped raise the funds by selling raffle tickets at their half-way to St. Patrick’s Day event on September 7. That event was a big hit, when Irish fiddlers, accordion players and guitarists played at venues along the boulevard.

The group of bars, which have formed an organization called Sunnyside’s Boulevard of Bars, have held similar events. Earlier this year they donated $3,000 to Engine 325/Ladder 163, which is located on 51st Street in Woodside.

The Sunnyside Woodside Boys & Girls Club, which was founded in 2010, plans to use the money toward its after-school programming. The club provides homework help and other activities six days a week for about 150 children.

“This money will help cover the rent for nearly three months,” said Vincent Renda, the chairman of the SWBGC. The club bases its activities out of St Teresa’s and PS 199.

Update: The participating bars: The Courtyard, Arriba Arriba, Maggie Mae’s , PJ Horgan’s, Bar 43, Molly Bloom’s, The Gaslight, McGuinness Bar, Sidetracks and Bliss Street Station Restaurant.

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At jack bee u totally misinterpreted my comment. If u read this site u will see that people constantly ridicule the bars. They constantly call bar customers DRUNKS. That s what I meant when I sed it is not all DRUNKS. The bars and resteraunts in our community contribute a lot of time and money to make our neigherhood better. Sorry u took it the wrong way.

Dorothy Morehead

@ jimmy cracked corn. Alcoholism is certainly destructive–to children, spouses, family members, employers–and to the alcoholic him/herself. However, the vast majority of people who drink are not alcoholics. I personally don’t like the name “pub crawl” because it evokes an image of drunks going from bar to bar until they are unable to walk. That is not what happens. Despite the name, it is more of a social event than a drinking event. Most New Yorkers do not socialize at home so their local eating and drinking establishments become their places to socialize. Many don’t even drink. I had brunch at The Dog and Duck two weeks ago with a friend who enjoyed a single Bloody Mary while I had coffee. At Quaint, two of my friends had soda while three of us had wine. It’s a personal choice.

jimmy cracked corn

alcoholic parents make a childs life hell. and now the same people peddling the poison on a daily basis are doing this good deed. yippee. how many kids had to deal with wasted parents the other 364 days of the years? How many kids got the crap slapped out of em because of alcohol?

JackBee, Warwick, NY

Long Time Resident
You are a pompous a-hole. All people that go to bars and restaurants are not drunks. We lived there for 73 years and raised 5 children. Took them out to eat all the time. Now they do the same to our 14 grandchildren. Had great times and met a alot of nice people, not “DRUNKS”.

Get you 2 for 1 at Micky D’s and slink home you loser.

Long time Sunnyside resident

Great job done by the local bars in Sunnyside . I guess it’s not just a bunch of DRUNKS hanging out there all the time as some people on this site used to refer them as. Local bars and restaurants do a lot of good for our neigherhood . I will def support their next event as I have done in the past. Sunnyside s so so cool. Let’s help our own community.


The”Sunnyside/ Woodside boys and girls club is a fantstic place for boys and girls to how to get along with each other and team work and get homework help and help studing for your tests.. play sports… and all for $25 dollars from sept to june… where else can you spend so little and get so much… also dancing with the communty starts is Nov 17 at st raphelas so come out and join our great neighbor club… great thanks to all the bars for this fundraiser they threw for us…. and a great thanks for the ” sunnyside post” for this great story…


Now that is wonderful. I’m very, very impressed with the unity and good will. Thank you so much, Boulevard of Bars.


Good job! The efforts of these local business folks to help the community should be recognized by listing their names and places of business.


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