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Bar/Restaurant to Open on Queens Blvd, Furniture Store on 47th Street

Photo: QueensPost

May 20, 2014 By Christian Murray

Two new businesses are opening in Sunnyside, although there is little in the way of details known on either of them at this point.

A new sports bar/restaurant is opening on Queens Blvd where the former Latin Rock establishment La Kueva was located.

The bar, called Over Time Restaurant & Lounge, is opening at 39-31 Queens Blvd,  between the empty store owned by Dazies Restaurant and Tangra, the Asian restaurant.

The owner of Over Time could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, a furniture store is opening at 45-20 47th Street, where Fashionable Baby and Kidz was once located.

Fashionable Baby, a children’s clothing boutique, went out of business at the beginning of last year after being in open just nine months.

The new store will be called PaPas Furniture store. There is no word on when will it be open, other than a sign in the windo that reads: “coming soon.”

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Trade Joe isn’t whole foods. I’ve bought stuff at traders in the city and I found their prices to be very competitive withe their Own branded products. Parking? Yeah, it can be tough but surprised they haven’t looked at northern blvd where old navy is at. People have to learn to bike or walk. Tired of people double parking just to go to dunkin donuts. Keep fit!

I'm so tired

Ssphates me. Your ideas are not full of it. You are as a person you are all talk at no action. You posted on numerous occasions that you were leaving this neighborhood well what are you waiting for. You knock everything on this site and even though you may have had an idea or two you don’t do anything. I guess it’s always easy to sit back and complain and not work hard to change things


I’m so tired…so my comments about what this neighborhood needs is “full of it” ?

I'm so tired

Ssposthates me is full of it. He said said he was leaving the neighbourhood and still no progess.I guess he is way too comfortable in moms basement


wahhahaha my comment must have been deleted. As any true prophet is ignored by the infidels.

You know I speak the truth, ignore me all you want hipster swine.


Reuben with extra Swiss can’t help it. It’s best to ignore, not engage.

Zero The Hero

I wonder if O.T. will be open in time for the World Cup? As much as I like going to Bar 43 to watch the games, it can get very tight in there! I’m curious as to the “Lounge” aspect they are shooting for because that term seems to have a broad spectrum of meanings to different folks in these parts (some of which aren’t that great).

Speaking of bars, I see that “Jar Bar” has a new awning, façade and front door. Glad they decided to spruce the outside up a bit but the door seems really out of place as it is solid with a small peep hole almost making it look like an apartment door as opposed to a door to a business. I’ll check it out once they open they open that door to the public and see what they have to offer!

As for what Sunnyside “needs” and what it will get, I’ll just say I wouldn’t be holding my breath for a Trader Joes……


I’m too lazy to go back and look at my comment about the fashionable baby place but I’m pretty sure I predicted it would be out of business in a few months. I’m a PROPHET!

You know what the problem is? I’ll tell you, It’s people who think Sunnyside is some happening place when in reality its just TWO things

1) a pit stop for people to eat/have a drink

2)A neighborhood for families.

If you think different, you haven’t been here long enough or you’re one of the people trying to trick others so your property values go up. I’ll tell you what Sunnyside needs.

a) Afterschool centers/tutoring programs
b) Italian Deli with real cooked food. Something like Butcher Block
c) Kinkos/Printing place
d) Parking Lot

Yes…Sunnyside needs a parking lot. Sunnyside parking is out of control, This neighborhood has needed a parking lot for overnight parking for AGES.

Federal Reserve Hipster

when i first saw the green O.T. sign I thought —–OTB is back!!! Same color scheme and font. Maybe those drunken 55 year old men will get confused and wander in.

South Side Johnny

Remember that movie, “Big Night” where they spent all day preparing a feast because they were convinced that the Italian singer Louis Prima was going to come to their restaurant for dinner? Of course, he was a no-show. It was never going to happen in the first place.

Expecting a Trader Joe’s to come to Sunnyside is just as crazy. Sure, it’s fun to think it could happen; maybe we could tidy up and get ready for them. But it ain’t gonna happen. We’re not getting a Whole Foods, either.


Trader joe , whole foods in Guadalajara ( sunnyside ) really ? Come on people !


You’re allowed to take a shopping cart into Trader Joe’s. It’s an old tool that never gets a flat tire.

Flores 65

@Anonymous (May 20, 2014 • 1:04 pm)
@anonymous (May 20, 2014 • 4:23 pm)

Not happening. Imagine how parking in this neighborhood would look like. I like Trader Joe’s too, but sometimes I would go to places such as Fresh n Save and Superior Market. Start supporting local businesses for once.


@Anonymous (May 20, 2014 • 1:04 pm)
@anonymous (May 20, 2014 • 4:23 pm)

Not happening. Imagine how parking in this neighborhood would look like. I like Trader Joe’s too, but sometimes I would go to places such as Fresh n Save and Superior Market. Start supporting local businesses for once.


We definitely need a Trader Joes around here or at least very close by. It’s not overpriced at all like some people think.

Fr Ted

trader joes in sunnyside , overpriced goods in brown bags , no thanks , and even if a trader joes did appear , the hipters would still go to manhattan just to look cool on the subway with the brown bags … theres a great variety of 24/7 supermarkets around here , take a walk around the hood hipsters . .
careful now …

Plain Spoken

@Gesibel The owner is the owner of Dazies. She’d rather have an ugly dump next to her restaurant than be a landlord. It’s a shame she let’s it sit there unoccupied for so many years. Any reason Ms. Dazies?


Does anyone know who owns that sloppy store front right next to Daisy’s? If they own that too, they really ought to polish it up a bit….it looks like a slum.


Trader Joe’s, for locals would mean no more trekking into Manhattan. AND no more driving to Rego Park. We could walk!

John Doe

There’s another furniture store opening on Queens Boulevard and 34th Street, next to K-2 Martial arts. I’m so excited Sunnyside is getting new businesses other than nail salons and cheapo 99 cents stores!!!! we’re moving on up!

Oldschool Sunnysider

“Fashionable Baby, a children’s clothing boutique, went out of business at the beginning of last year after being in business just nine months.”

With all the babies popping out in Sunnyside, you would think that a baby store could not fail….but Sunnyside is a fickle place. People haw and cry for stores and then they do not frequent them. Same old story.

Oldschool Sunnysider

I am so sick of the whining and braying for “Trader Joes”!!!!
There is not enough parking to sustain this kind of business.


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