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Bar with focus on craft beer likely to open on Roosevelt Ave.

Feb. 9, 2017 By Christian Murray

A new bar with a focus on craft beer is expected to open on Roosevelt Avenue near the 52nd Street station.

The establishment, which is likely to be called Solid State, was originally going to be located at 43-24 Greenpoint Avenue but the lease deal fell through, according to the prospective operators who spoke at a Community Board 2 committee meeting last night.

Kristopher Medina, a co-owner who was at the meeting seeking the board’s approval for a liquor license, told the committee that he and his fellow co-owners plan to open the establishment at 53-22 Roosevelt Avenue, the location of the now-defunct Cascada Restaurant & Bar. They aim to offer craft beer, tapping into the resurgence of such beer in New York City.

The bar, similar to the Greenpoint Avenue proposal, would have room for about 50 seats and it would include pin ball machines.

Medina said that there would be no live music or dancing and there would be security when needed.

Medina asked the committee for a license permitting him to be open until 4 am, seven days per week. He said that his request was in line with the hours that other bars are allowed to operate in the vicinity.

The committee approved his 4 am request, provided that nearby bars are permitted to operate until 4 am.

A representative for the bar said that it would help improve that section of Roosevelt Avenue. “It won’t be a place where young people will go looking to get tanked up.”


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I hate hipsters but this area needs to be cleaned up. It’s disgusting. I hope this is the beginning of change over there. La Flora is good and the new Latin place is great. The rest is trash.


Mobil Taco Bells, Get Rid Of ALL They Take up And Disregard The RENT PAYING Owners!! Extinguish ALL TRUCKS!!

The Donald

This sounds like a wonderful idea, I can sell my steaks there. Have you tried my steaks? They’re fantastic. My daughter can sell her clothing line in front of the bar now that everyone is boycotting her fabulous line of clothing and shoes. This is just fabulous, fabulous indeed!

Bowery Boy

Perhaps Ivanka can get a job tending bar? I’m sure the Mexican patrons will leave her great tips;-)

Sal from hester

What is with this guys obsession with pinball and craft beer? Its a fad, and the fad is over. Its faded. I dont see drunk mexicans coming in saying ” si, i have 1 craft beer” ” i lobe it” please get a real gimmick. Same, its a pretty cool little bar thats horribly located, that part of roosevelt was nice in 1960

Bowery Boy

Yup, no televisions and the old “Shuffleboard Games” with the steel “Pucks”;-) Excellent for when a fight broke out!


A bar always asks for as late as possible, its part of the bargaining process with the local community board. They will be happy to get 130 2. Another ignorant comment from a trumpster. Shocker!

People for trump

It wont be a place for young people to get tanked up? Who do you think will be hanging out till 4am, the time you want to stay open until? If they aren’t getting tanked up you wont make any money, its a bar correct. What do you think they will do until 4am, play trivia games and pinball? This guys trying to bs the board for that license it sounds like, turn him down.

Kieran the Irish leprechaun lucky charms

I would be real careful leaving this place late at night. Run for your life over here

Ernie Meyers

Alright!! Congratulations to the entrepreneurs behind this venture…its never easy to take the risk of opening a new place. I will definitely check this place out and see if I like it. I do enjoy pinball! Best of luck!

Another Southie

I guess you don’t read the news on the subject but craft beer has never been hotter than it is right now.

Bowery Boy

No, you are ten years behind. Craft Whiskey is what is hot now. Think “Bronx Distillery” and their partnership in Morris Park section with the “Gun Hill Tavern”.

Bart Stone

Great I love pinball. Also love the negative comments from the same miserable group of losers who complain about everything. Keep it up guys.

Woodside 2017

Hi, a.bidge –
I’m new to Woodside. Can you tell me the names of some of the craft beer bars? I’m too old to be a hipster asshole, I promise.

Bowery Boy

Everything here has become a “Sports Bar” televisions all over and loud conversations. The bars on Roosevelt all suck.

Watch out

Itll go over great with the latin bars over there. Someones gonna get hurt over there, latin will be in the ssp every week robbing the hipsters

Fan of Dough Boy Park

It’s true, they will try to roll every drunk walking out of there, no one wants to be honest, because then they are ” rascist”.


In the last five years I can remember exactly one mugging reported on that stretch. Compare to much more frequent in the “good” parts of the neighborhood north of 43rd.

Southside Johnny

That whole area needs a lot of change. Let’s hope new businesses attract a new influx of people who want to improve and change a drab and dreary neighborhood.


I think you’re confusing “a new bar” with “affordable stabilized rent” – a bar isn’t what draws new people into the neighborhood.

too shy2shy hush hush eye2eye

that area doesnt seem to be an area for good for craft beer and pinball. should head north more towards skillman ave/sunnyside gardens


Ok so this guy goes from a bad location to a worse location come on fella wake up. Someone tell this guy he’s lost.


What are you talking about? There are three, *maybe* four bars in the 9 block stretch between Queens Blvd and 58th, and one or two more if you go all the way to 61st. It’s not JH or Corona.


That You Solid State! We need more Pinball in these parts! Jar Bar is always a good time and it has the new KISS machine but we need some new silver ball action around here!

I vote for The Addams Family and Twilight Zone machines to start. I promise to dump at least $40 in those machines a week if you promise to have a decent tap selection and keep the hood rat element out!

Signed Tommy The Deaf Dumb Blind (and Alcoholic) Kid!


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