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Bar 43 gets the green light from Community Board to add sidewalk seats, but subject to restrictions

June 22, 2017 By Christian Murray

The owners of a well-known Sunnyside sports bar got the approval of Community Board 2 last night to add a number of sidewalk seats in front of their establishment subject to a number of restrictions.

Bar 43, located at 43-06 43rd Street, went before Community Board 2’s Land Use committee last night requesting to be able to put 16 tables and 32 seats in front of the building. The bar, which currently has 10 tables and 20 seats out front, sought the addition since the bar expanded more than a year ago when it took over the space next door.

The board was initially hesitant to allow the bar to add the seats after hearing complaints from William McCarthy, who lives in an apartment building across the street, who argued that the bar was noisy. McCarthy, who said he represented a number of residents, claimed that when the bar has large sporting events on weekends some of its patrons get out of control. He claimed some of the bar’s customers congregated out front late at night, disturbing nearby apartment dwellers.

Nick Murphy, a co-owner of the establishment, said that the bar has been in operation for nine years and that noise has not been a significant problem over those years. He said the bar closes its doors for the big events—such UFC and boxing—and when there are late games people may cheer but it is not for an extended period of time.

The board, as a condition of approving the expansion, imposed several restrictions. The board said that the bar must close its outdoor seating area at 11pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends. Furthermore, it is required to close all its doors/windows at 10pm – to reduce sound– even while the outdoor seating area is in operation.

The board also required the bar to sit down with McCarthy and the residents and work out a plan to address any concerns.

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If cb 2 wanted quiet why did they award bar 43 a license to begin with. Now you have a thriving business and they want to restrict them. Smoke and mirrors here, cb2 is acting like they are doing something. I guess letting the bar across the street having outdoor seating is ok. Maybe that’s the quiet bar. The city get thousands of dollars a year from both bars for sidewalk use. This is hypocritical. Bar 43 is a good bar that run well.

Crystal Wolfe

I think this is great the CB2 is working with Bar 43 to strike a reasonable compromise to help Bar 43 expand their business while alleviating the noise concerns of nearby residents. This is what they call a “win-win” and my favorite political strategy. It’s always better when all parties get something they want! 🙂 This is democracy at its best!


But what will the people who need to watch one of the 68 television screens they have inside do ?


Maybe better to be like the good old days when we’d get out of the cole mine and drink in silence. What happend to old fashion salons?


Maybe have a bouncer outside that asks loud & drunk a-holes to be quiet?! Same goes for the bars on Queens Blvd. They do it in Manhattan, why should our neighborhood be any different. Respect your neighbors and run your businesses like adults.

Vinny bpombatz

Shake hands with all your neighbors your neighbors. And kiss your lassies too. The Sunnyside post really knows how to break some critical news stories

Vinny bpombatz

Shake hands with all your neighbors and kiss you lassies too you’ll be lucky as a dear old gogging dear old Donegal

Al from sunnyside

Bar 43 is cool. Did they ever catch the jerk that broke the window. Was it really el loco

Leslie West jr

I feel for the neighbors. Lotsa a-holes at that place. It’s like some kind of a-hole magnet. They come from all over.

Jonny one

Hopefully they reach an amicable agreement. It’s not unreasonable to want to get a decent nights sleep. The bar is usually quiet apart from the odd time… at those manhattan prices surprised anyone goes in… long live mcguinness’


WOW a sit down .. If successful they might be able to teach our politicians how it works. LOLO Good luck


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