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Banksy’s Woodside Artwork Defaced

Oct. 15, 2013 Staff Report

Gothamist posted this video showing the perpetrator destroying the Banksy artwork that went up in Woodside yesterday.

Banksy’s Woodside Piece Gets Dissed from Gothamist on Vimeo.

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@sunnysideposthatesme14 why is anything worth anything? It’s basic economics: supply and demand. It’s capitalism.

Why do people pay thousands for a scarf or tens of thousands for old photos or furniture? Diamonds aren’t even scarce but sell for a fortune because the market is strictly controlled. Is watching a Yankees game really worth hundreds?

It’s all about the value someone has for it. The value of the raw materials is exponentially less than the cost.


@Krissi is right, that’s the whole point of the art. The way that it might be revered by some or destroyed by others, noticing that and reacting to it really is the whole point –


So the tagger was tagged over. One crime on top of another. Tagging is a crime, even if it looks “nice”.


That’s kind of the point of Banksy’s art, isn’t it? I mean, even his actual piece was a guy “cleaning off” the spray of “What we do in life echoes in eternity”.

Which I’d argue to mean its our actions that matter…. but that his art is, quite literally, temporary.


There are creative, decent men who create and there are childish, envious punks who destroy.


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