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Banksy’s in the Hood–and Then Fight Breaks Out

Nov. 1, 2013 By Christian Murray

Banksy struck again.

This time at Borden Avenue and 35th Street.

This piece of work wasn’t like the rest. The artist attached black and white letter-shaped balloons that spelled out his name to the top of an industrial building.

While some admired the work, two men tried to steal it.

However, when others tried to stop him from carting away the balloons away a fight ensued. The NYPD arrived and arrested three men involved in the fight.  The cops also took the artwork away (click here for video).

The Police said Friday that the three men were arrested on criminal trespassing charges for entering the property.

Another man was issued a summons for disorderly conduct, police said.

This was the famed artist last work in New York. On his website he wrote: “Thanks for your patience. It’s been fun. Save 5pointz. Bye.”

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Banksy is annoying and underwhelming, but seeing all those cops spend all that time and attention on something like this is a pathetic spectacle. What a WASTE of taxpayers’ money. Go out and catch some real criminals, you slackers.

time to play b sides

kinda funny seeng a bunch of NYCs chubbiest stuffing puffy letters into the back of the van. what the hell are they eatin over there at the 108??


What an ugly mess! We don’t have enough ugly graffiti, so we need foreign visitors to add more. Goodbye.


Yes, save 5 pointz!!!!
New info below:

5 Pointz is currently scheduled to be demolished on November 6, unless its artists are successful in suing the developers and/or getting another restraining order. They recently called for Banksy to make a statement, hoping the publicity generated by his NY Residency could help their cause. And now he finally has.

Bloomberg and his greasy cadre of destructive, idiotic developers strongly disagree, but they’re on the way out, and public sentiment seems to be in favor of saving 5 Pointz. Hopefully the extra publicity from Banksy can help the cause to save it.


His work is okay here and there, but the question is why is he here? Can’t just come and do that.


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