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Banksy Tags Woodside

(Photo: George Burles)

Oct. 14, 2013 By George Burles

The elusive British artist Banksy left his mark in Woodside this morning.

The famous artist painted a wall on 69th St and 38th Ave right off the 7 Line.

He then posted it online later in the day at

Photo: George Burles

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Mike Novak

To everyone who supports this vandalism….why not invite “Banksy” to come over to your Mother’s house and tag it…. his work is so valuable. 😉

not impressed

the article’s title says it all,,,tags! vandalism pure and simple trying to hide behind popularity and pseudo-intellectualism. is bansky really that smart or are we really that dumb to turn crime into a fad? his work is worth $500 to me if i ever catch him and turn him in.

every moron out there with a spray can thinks they are a picasso. this guy is no different. the ironic thing about these taggers, who are trying to ‘speak their mind’ to the system, is that they do it at night hiding their identity (batman hero syndrome, haha!) on others’ property, which only provides for a teen-like, one-way conversation…not an adult dialogue at all.


I love his work, and to that idiot who wrote over it has no sense of appreciation for art! I want to go there and fix it back to the way it was.


Some insecure male with a small penis and no artistic talent has apparently defaced this piece, proving, once again that males with tiny appendages and microscopic testicles are a menace to decent human beings. History, prove me wrong.

South Side Johnny

The idea that everything I do will echo throughout eternity is a little too drastic anyway. I’m just trying to get through this week.


Squirts the change bum tags under the 7 train daily. Nobody says anything about that.


I have seen his work. He thinks he is who he is. I care what you say but I disagree. I know no others of his ilk. Vandalism ok but it’s still “art.”


I think if Banksy did some work on the 5 pointz fun factory maybe ppl will fight harder to keep it there. Say no to new ugly steel and glass towers for trust fund babies!

a Walker

Another *artist*. Have you seen his work? Who does he think he is? I don’t care what he or anyone else says it is GRAFFITI.
Too much publicity is given to him and others of his ilk. This is vandalism.


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