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B24 Weekend Service Cuts Starts Saturday

June 24, 2010 Report

This weekend represents the beginning of the cut backs to the B24 bus line.

The B24 bus line, which connects Brooklyn and Queens– via Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Sunnyside–will no longer run on weekends beginning June 25, and its weekday service with be reduced.

The B24 runs through Sunnyside along Greenpoint Ave., a major commercial street.

The MTA claims this bus line must face cuts due to budget constraints.

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Thanks! Now does anyone know the new schedule for weekday service? I’ve tried asking several B24 bus drivers, but they just shrugged their shoulders and laughed.


Take the Q32 or Q60 and get off at the stop before the last stop in queens (right before the the 59th street bridge). Then cross over and take the B62 into Greenpoint. I would always use this route if I had just missed the B24. It takes a little longer of course, but it beats paying $30 round trip in a cab 🙂


The route I have been using before the cuts went into effect has been pretty on target. I take the Q60 or Q32 towards Manhattan and get off the at the stop before the last stop in Queens right before the 59th Street bridge…then cross over and take the B62 into Greenpoint. It definitely takes a little longer than the 24, but if you don’t want to pay $30 for a round trip, it’s worth it 🙂


For those of us who depend on public transport, what are the options to the B24 for getting from Sunnyside to Greenpoint on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday? Someone told me that a livery cab is about $15 each way.


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