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B24 Bus Service Likely to Return on Weekends

July 20, 2012 Staff Report

The B24 bus line’s weekend service is likely to return as part of the MTA’s restoration plan.

The bus line, which connects Brooklyn and Queens– via Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Sunnyside is likely to return in 2013. However, a final MTA meeting is expected to take place Monday that will determine its return.

While the service currently runs during weekdays, the weekend service was cut in 2010. The MTA cited budget constraints at the time. Given the fact that the B24 still runs Monday through Friday, elected officials are hopeful that weekend service will return.

The B24 runs through Sunnyside along Greenpoint Ave.

“While this is a good start, we need other eliminated western Queens services, like the W subway and QM22 express bus, reinstated as well,” said Mike Gianaris, who represents Sunnyside and Woodside in the New York State senate.

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New York is known as a 24 hour City that never sleeps. However, having limited transportation does not facilitate getting around unless you have money to pay for a taxi.


This will be a great idea because people are stranded and they have to walk 1 Mile to the train station, specially when is raining or snowing! lets stand together and lets make this happen for the movement to get the B24 bus route back.


@ preschool teacher – please don’t forget to include the obnoxious pretentious hipsters!


While we’re on the subject of buses, does anyone know why the Q32 and Q60 going into Manhattan are still making a detour when they reach Northern Boulevard in Long Island City?This was started several years ago due to street construction, which is now long completed. Cars are now going through, but not buses. This detour can add 15 to 20 minutes to your bus journey if there’s any kind of traffic snarl, which is much of the time.

tupac wannabe

what no pic of JVB and a metrocard??
hey man I am THRILLED at this news, I love getting on the bus for a quick ride to two cool neighborhoods.

Preschool Teacher

Now let’s have some decent service on the Q32 bus!! No waiting 20 minutes during rush hour, and how about a bus lane through Queens Borough Plaza?!! The bikes take precedent over the buses?!! That’s just wrong. Still glad to see the B24 restored. The MTA didn’t pay attention to the needs of our community till the YUPPIES moved in!

Lucky Lu

I was also dependent on the B24 for trips to Greenpoint and Williamsburg, neighborhoods I typically visited on a weekend. Hope weekend service is restored!

dorothy neary

How about considering the return of the B30, which helped all those
who work on the south side of the BQE in MASPETH. It is a long walk to and from Queens Blvd.


I’m glad the MTA is bringing it back…the B24 is so convenient especially when you want to get to directly to Greenpoint…not having to take two trains and about an hour of travel time is worth it…


B24 would be nice. There is no reason it should take 2 trains to get neighboring neighborhoods. And no, we do not need the W back. Let’s have the G back all the way to Forest Hills. That made sense.


Oh my gosh, FINGERS CROSSED! This would be AMAZING. The B24 is so convenient, and was especially so on weekends. It makes our neighboring neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint seem actually nearby—instead of places that require two subways to get to.

This is the #1 service change that I’ll be hoping for—but ideally all the service that was cut gets restored. Our transit system is the backbone of our city, and we should be building it up, not cutting it down.


The MTA clearly sees the value of keeping these two hipster capitals connected.


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