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Attempted Abduction on 50th Ave.

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Oct. 27, 2010 Staff Report

The police are looking for a Hispanic man who allegedly tried to abduct a young woman on the border of Sunnyside and Woodside on Tuesday morning.

A 20-year old woman–who was walking to the subway–was accosted at about 6:30 am on 40th Street and 50th Ave.  A man pulled over in a white pick-up truck with a cab, and tried to pull her into it, according to police.

The woman was saved by a nearby man who happened to hear her screams and interceded before the perpetrator was able to do any harm.

The police are currently working on a sketch of the  alleged perpetrator and will be circulating it shortly.

They are looking for leads.

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The potential victim’s experience is that she was being handled in a way that she knew it was going to be more than a robbery. The good samaritan yelled from an apartment window. Because in some opinions, this was a “robbery”, the united forties is being told and mislead that this is the true story not that of the victim’s. This young lady, along with the experts at the 108th, know the truth and have stated this at the CB2 meetings. The manipulation of information should not be allowed for the neighborhood’s sake, as well as, invalidating the young lady’s experience. If one truly cares for the neighborhood they serve, one must be above reproach.


This story should be put on the news so everyone is aware of the type of monsters we have walking our streets. We should have more cops patrolling this area.

Time Flies

Three cheers for the brave man who got involved and prevented a tragedy. Maybe he should get an award at that upcoming Van Bramer award ceremony.


The victim looked much younger than her age, and it was at a time when some high school students start on their way, so perhaps parents could take this opportunity to again talk to their children about the need to be on alert. Our children should be able to walk freely and safely in our neighborhood, but crimes happen. The police are doing all they can and the best action we can take is to continue to be alert and aware.


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