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Astoria Subway Station Gets Temporary Makeover in Honor of Joe Biden

46th St Station in Astoria (Adrian Wilson)

Jan. 20, 2021 By Allie Griffin

President Joseph Biden was honored in a very New York way at a Queens subway station Wednesday.

As Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, the 46th Street subway station in Astoria was transformed in honor the new president.

One of the signs inside the M/R station was switched from “46th Street” to “46th Joe” and the text below pointing in the direction of 46th Street was switched to “45th OUT” — a reference to former President Donald Trump who lost the election.

Local artist Adrian Wilson was behind the switch, which he created by hand-drawing the mosaic tiled words on a sheet of paper and pasting it over the original subway sign lettering.

He created the art piece to celebrate a new day for the country he said.

“It’s making people smile. It’s welcoming the new president,” Wilson said of his signage which was first reported by Patch. “It’s really just something to commemorate a great day.”

Wilson — who is known for past NYC sign tributes to Aretha Franklin at the Franklin Street subway station and David Bowie on the Bowery street sign — pasted the inauguration day homage at the station at around 9:40 a.m.

It was taken down by 11:30 a.m., Wilson said, but photos of it quickly became popular on social media.

Wilson later changed the sign for Thompson Street in Manhattan to read “Trumpgone St” to celebrate the end of the Trump presidency.

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Any American flag

Being hugged by Trump felt like an overstuffed, greasy bag of hot garbage barely holding it altogether at the seams ready to suffocate me – sometimes, I needed to be laundered for days as I kept saying to myself “Unclean, UNCLEAN!”.

Not mah Prez!

Not *my* president! Biden and Harris will be arrested within the week for their involvement in meddling in election fraud with foreign influence. I know your regressive (tyrannical) political beliefs prevent you from seeing this but you must be reminded that you live in a NYC bubble.

Queens all my life

People who live in Manhattan might not be from NYC, but people in the outer boroughs are.

What is this? The first season of Melrose Place?

No one in LA is FROM LA.

Many to most people in NY are FROM NY!

And, unlike la, we can totally tell whose from nyc from people who are not.

Trump lovers pretend to care in 3...2...1...

This is the part where they scream Antifa BLM pizzagate

Dazhi Wang

Mob mentality. Cheap shot. The same group of people who celebrate the power transition this way will cheer for the outing of Joe Biden 4 or 8 years later.


Many of the people that would of cared moved out of Astoria months ago. A good number of the ones that stayed are struggling and not paying rent. So many vacant apartments and stores in Astoria. Its sad. But there is hope. As passing by the station on the way to work i saw a homeless looking man taking a selfie by the sign.

Give me a break

How does a homeless person have a cell phone? You call this hope? He’s probably some out of state hipster who thinks it’s cool to live on the streets of NYC.

Sure, her track record is fantastic

law degree, attorney general of CA from 2011 to 2017, US senator from 2017 to 2021, first woman ever elected VP in our Nation’s history

Trump’s credentials before office: game show host

I agree, she has a great track record!


Can someone explain how trump affected you personally.The first president in years not to start a war.Before Covid a great economy.Made peace treaties in the Middle East between countries that hadn’t talked in 50 years.please honest answers only and contrast and compare how di blasio has affected your life


Killed over 400k Americans, lied everytime he opened his mouth, turned red states like AZ and GA blue, gave Dems the house, senate and presidency, received millions from his properties by charging the government for meetings that occurred in his hotels, got over 70million Idiots to believe his conspiracy theories, made America more vulnerable, dumber, left the White House with 3mil fewer jobs than when he started and ran the deficient even higher. He could’ve easily won re election had he just told the truth. Instead he did the complete opposite and now Biden needs to clean up this losers mess. What a joke administration we had. Thank goodness his circus is over.


Under his plan I bad to lay 5k more in taxes. That is j tast year when my career and business disappeared literally overnight in March.
I would not have voted for more of that.


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