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Astoria Public School Teacher Under Investigation After Being Caught Using Racial Slur

P.S. 122 – Mamie Fay in Astoria (Google Maps)

July 17, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

An Astoria public school teacher is under investigation after video emerged of her calling a woman an “Asian b***h” following a pro-police rally in Bayside last weekend.

The incident, which occurred outside the 111th precinct, located at 45-06 215th St. Sunday, has led to calls for her to be fired from her teaching job.

Katina Garanes, who teaches sixth grade at P.S. 122, could be heard on the video calling a counter-protester an “Asian b***h” after the pro-police rally.

Video of the confrontation was posted to social media and the incident was first reported by Patch.

Garanes, who was holding a “we support our police sign,” was walking toward her car when she got into a verbal altercation with activists from Warriors in the Garden – a group affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

She can then be heard saying, “Listen, you Asian b***h……” with the rest of the sentence being inaudible.

Garanes then walked across the street holding her sign in the air as police officers arrived on the scene. Garanes told the cops, “I’ve got little kids they need to step away, they need to step away.”

The protester, who is part of the Warriors in the Garden group, is then heard telling the cops “she called me an Asian b***h.”

The incident occurred after Black Lives Matter protesters and “Back the Blue” pro-NYPD demonstrators clashed at Crocheron Park in Bayside earlier in the day. One Black Lives Matter protester was arrested on charges of inciting a riot, attempted assault, disorderly conduct and harassment, according to QNS.

Warriors in the Garden, who were protesting with BLM, were waiting outside the precinct for the protester to be released when the verbal altercation occurred.

The principal of P.S. 122 Anna Aprea confirmed on the school’s website Wednesday that the incident was under investigation but did not provide any further details on the matter.

“As a public school located in the heart of one of the most diverse communities in the world, we have an obligation to combat systemic racism,” Aprea said. “We will not tolerate a hostile environment for any of our students and we continue to support the social-emotional and wellness of everyone in our school community.”

Aprea added that she had received “many messages” from community members regarding the incident.

Some residents, parents and former students took to social media to condemn Garanes’ behavior. One former student said she made fun of Muslims in her classes.

An online petition that was launched Tuesday calling for her firing has gained more than 1,800 signatures on

Garanes could not be reached for comment.

The Department of Education said that Garanes remains on the job pending the outcome of the investigation. The DOE said that Ganares has no prior disciplinary history.

“The DOE stands against racism and our teachers and staff must foster safe and supportive learning environments,” a spokesperson for the DOE said.

“There is a process for investigations and the DOE must follow this process.”

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Just another another KAREN caught on video. She should be fired. I would not want her teaching my children.

TBH, welcome to the reason why I dislike Twitter and Facebook for school purposes.

Especially if you are also on them socially. No ones immune anymore and nor is anyone anonymous on the internet. You forget what account you are using (ridiculous) and here we are. Also have a big problem with people who use their official name on the internet as their username.

NYC dept of Cancel Culture

Anybody else fed up of these cancel culture clowns CCC for short. I’m a democrat but I can’t stand these far left cancel losers. I had kids go to the
mamie fae academy. I think Ms. Garanes is an excellent teacher. Unfortunately with all that’s going on right now you can’t even participate in a support the blue protest without an opposing side showing up and getting in everyone’s face and then acting like a little crybaby when someone reacts after being goaded into reacting. These clowns always have a phone in their holster ready to shoot! Your 15minutes of fame is up. Watch out or you might get locked out of your parents house, then what you gonna do , cry some more. Go change your diapers you are beginning to stink.

Why does the Radical Right want everything to be PC?

Is there a way they could do it that doesn’t offend you so much? I mean LOOK at that wall of text 😂

Liberalism is a mental disorder

And the cop haters called the cops ……the irony of these hypocrites.


Actually, no one called the cops. It was handled without the police. Did you read the article or just come here to show off by offering a “clever” comment? *fail*


The bar for what constitutes a racial slur keeps getting lower and lower. The worst part is the double standards that some get to say whatever they want while others walk on egg shells. It’s like a socially enforced oppression.

Think About It

How is “Asian b!tch” a racist slur? Isn’t it a sexist slur? Wouldn’t it be racist slur if she had sent “Ch!nk woman” or something to that effect?


Big deal
At my school students routinely assaulted students and I mean assaulted
We survived
So much for the first amendment

The first amendment only applies to the government limiting such

This has nothing to do with that. You don’t even know basic constitutional facts!

There is a process for investigations and the DOE must follow this process

No government entity has taken any action yet. The DOE has a standard review process. No one’s speech has been limited by the government.

You’re completely wrong, again. Bigly embarrassing!

Political correctness run amok

Anyone reading this who ever uttered a racial slur, please raise your hand.

Be honest.

Critic Al

Freedom of speech has consequences. For her, loss of a job. Seems fair to me.

Actually no....

It seems like an excessive penalty to pay for saying a few offensive words. Even if she had a history there is a discipline process that address such issues fairly and impartially…. unlike the mob justice that rules the day with emotion, agenda, and vengeance.

One was offensive although truthful depending on the circumstance.

The other is factual.

It isn’t worth it to take things to these extremes anymore.

And, was the Asian being obnoxious??? Let’s be honest. Although obnoxiousness isn’t a racial only thing, i have noticed certain uptick of people being obnoxious because they are socially clueless.


Off duty, not representing the Board of Ed, not a crime, none of her employer’s business.

Unfortunately, not true.

If we’re off duty and get arrested for anything– DWI or anything else, we MUST contact both our principal AND the UFT and then get placed into a reassignment center to await trial or whatever.

Cause the doe isn’t sure about the caliber of person you are now.

Dear anonymous

Did you miss the fact that all others apply. Getting arrested for anything, anywhere, doesn’t mean a crime has been committed.


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