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Asian Woman Spat at and Called “Chinese Virus” in Fresh Meadows, Incident Condemned by Meng

An Asian woman was spat at in the vicinity of 186th Street and Peck Avenue on Tuesday. Congresswoman Grace Meng condemned the hateful attack (Grace Meng/Google Maps)

March 11, 2021 By Michael Dorgan

An Asian woman who was holding a baby in Fresh Meadows Tuesday was allegedly spat at by a man who also shouted out a racist remark, police said.

The hateful act, in what appears to be the latest anti-Asian incident to take place in the city, has been condemned by U.S. Congresswoman Grace Meng.

The 25-year-old woman was approached by the racist in the vicinity of 186th Street and Peck Avenue at around 10.30 a.m. before he allegedly spat in her direction and yelled “Chinese virus.”

The woman was spat at three times but the saliva did not make contact with her, police said.

Police said the incident, which took place near Kissena Corridor Park, is being investigated as an aggravated harassment case. The NYPD’s Asian Hate Crimes Task Force has been notified about the incident but has yet to officially classified it as a hate crime investigation, a police spokesperson said.

The NYPD said they do not have a description of the suspect and the investigation is ongoing.

The incident comes in the wake of a recent spike in attacks against Asian New Yorkers—with the bigotry tied in part to the outbreak of COVID-19. There have been a number of such incidents reported in Queens already this year.

Meng, who has been speaking about the ongoing racism, said that she was “appalled and furious” to learn of Tuesday’s alleged incident.

“This is the epitome of disgusting and cowardice behavior. My heart goes out to the mom and her baby,” Meng said in a statement Wednesday.

Meng, in condemning the alleged attack, urged witnesses to come forward to help the police investigate the incident and called on the community to unify against racism.

“We can only stop such incidents from happening in the future if we stand together and condemn anti-Asian hate and sentiment.”

The incident Tuesday comes just three days after a rally was held in Sunnyside to express outrage about the spike in Anti-Asian violence.

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Some people think all Asians come from china. the same people think all Hispanics come from Mexico. Stop the hate!


Hey Olivia:

That is really a stupid letter. Who thinks that all Asians are from China. I never heard that. Moronic.



Check out who the ones are committing these hate crimes against Asians and for that matter Jews. It is people of color not the Proud Boys. Face the truth. Print this SSP! Don’t be afraid to offend.


We should call for a Class action lawsuit against trump, the RNC and the sitting Republican’s who repeated trumps HATEFUL words about the Virus.

Please think for yourself

Blaming ol’ Trump for his inflammatory rhetoric is not entirely correct. If you blame him whole heartedly, you assume the people who act out and hurt Asians are of sub level intelligence and cannot think for themselves. Why? Trump has been vilified as the most evil person in the world by the liberal media. For anyone to believe what he says and especially act out on his rhetoric, they are either crazy (which is a good scapegoat for criminals), OR they have had underlying prejudices against Asians. But the kicker here is most of the criminal acts are committed by blacks. Liberals won’t admit this fact. Why? Because it flaws their support of BLM and their mantra of equality and equity which would entail derailing their progressive agenda. They use Trump as a scapegoat for the blacks’ underlying prejudice against Asians. The worst part of this farce is some Asians want to play good minority and support BLM, like Grace, Liu, Won, and fake New Yorker Andy Yang. Little do they know they are being played by both sides. Anti Asian attacks will continue by POCs because they have a scapegoat and the same politicians have roped them as constituents with the same people that attack them.


Yes, because also people of color. The SUNNYSIDE Post won’t print the truth when it reflects negatively on people of color.


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