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Asian Man Shoved Onto Subway Tracks at 21st Street-Queensbridge Station, Possible Hate Crime

Suspect (NYPD)

May 24, 2021 By Allie Griffin

A 35-year-old Asian man was pushed onto the subway tracks by a stranger at a Long Island City station Monday morning in what police are investigating as a possible hate crime.

The victim was standing on the train platform at the 21st Street-Queensbridge F station when a man approached him, said something unintelligible and shoved him onto the southbound train tracks at 7:43 a.m., police said.

Witnesses helped the 35-year-old off the tracks while the man who pushed him fled the station in an unknown direction, police said.

The victim suffered a laceration to his forehead from the fall. EMS drove him to Mt. Sinai-Queens in stable condition.

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer weighed in on the incident this afternoon.

“This is an absolutely horrific hate crime,” Van Bramer said. “The level of violence directed toward our AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) community is frightening and has to end. We have to defend our AAPI neighbors and friends. Throwing someone in front of the subway train is the ultimate act of violence. It is disgusting and disgraceful.”

The NYPD is still investigation as to whether the incident was a hate crime, according to NYPD sources. If so, it would be the latest in a drastic uptick in hate crimes against the Asian American community in New York City over the past year.

The NYPD described the suspect as a dark-skinned male, 20 to 30 years old and approximately 6 feet tall. He was also seen wearing a black face mask, black hooded sweatshirt, blank pants and black shoes.

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the CrimeStoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or on Twitter @NYPDTips. All calls are strictly confidential.

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Is it possible he was just in a hurry to get bread and it was an accident.


The noased leftist media will not go against the narrative of proyectingnthe criminals. Taxpaying hardvworking citizens be damned

Little Jimmy

Why does Little Van no Brainer get to
Weight in on this. He is a Hugh part of the problem. He voted to defund cops, he’s very pro criminal, wants to close rikers.
This clown talks crap out both sides of his two faces. We are totally screwed if we elect another Jimmy clone. I told him a year ago when he turned his back on law enforcement that he and other city leadership would drag the city down into total lawlessness which is what has happened. As a Democrat I’m sick and tired of the so called Progressive agenda which is mostly a race to the bottom. Venezuela is very progressive. Democratic socialists of America will drag us all down if we don’t wake up. In District 26 as far I
Can tell Denise keehan-smith is the ONLY
candidate that is not a police defunder. Keep that in mind when you vote unless you crave more and more violent crime
With little consequence. Instead of masks maybe we all need to wear bullet proof vests and riot gear to protect ourselves
From the onslaught of criminals the far far left has set upon us.


So sick of it.
If the “progressive” like JVB would understand that criminals like this subject deserve life in prison (no parole), then these incidents would stop. But it happens that they defend the rights of criminals at the same time.
The typical non-sense of the lefties.


Jews are attacked on a daily basis and crickets from Jimmy Van Bramer.

An inconvenient truth

Oh jimmy lives and speaks !
But when Jews are attacked he’s silent


He has no choice. People are getting tired of these attacks and crime. They are also getting tired of certain politicians making excuses for these criminals. Some people just do not get it no matter the social services and resources they receive. They want more. And as far as mental illness is concerned many in that population do not feel they need help or be on meds. I know people that take meds daily and still experience delusions and hallucinating episodes.


I’m tired of vagrants destroying the quality of life in NY. The more handouts and services NY provides, the more vagrants it attracts. Tired of it.


High schools should keep remote learning optional until our children can safely ride the trains. I am worried about my 1/2 Asian grandkids.

Which will be never.

Just teach your grandkids to keep to themselves, pay attention to their surroundings and get the hell out of dodge if they notice something wrong.


A couple of days ago in the Manhattan subway a “minority” stabbed an older white woman in the back for no reason (i saw it on GMA) and luckily a Canadian jumped on the man doing the stabbing and held him for the police. Why wasn’t that classified as a possible hate crime ?


Anything on “white” people apparently don’t qualify… It doesn’t sound good in the “progressive” agenda to support white people


What’s the point of adding more cops on the subway. Oh yea to get the tourist back to the city and on the subway so cops can take pics with them.


21st queensbridge… dont let me get started.. mayor ruined that entire hood, all brand new hotels turned into a safe haven for criminals and homeless people…Robbin and muggin people…I use that station everyday, but not anymore…I used to live right there in queensbridge 40th side

Stop the drama

Artie – I grew up here in the 60’s and Queens-bridge was never safe or even ok. We stopped playing baseball in Rainey Field back in the 70’s because of safety concerns.

Mayor ruined the entire city

He’s too busy pleading with the anti voters to like him.

A Normal Person

Right, the area with the most projects has only been terrible since 2014…


not only the mayor ruined it so did Mr. JVB and every other queens counsel person – more money in their pockets – TRUTH –


All the civil liberties and legal advocacy groups responsible for the city’s inability to remove vagrants from the trains and streets need to be thanked personally for every one of these attacks, and there have been very many of them recently.


JVB’s policy and the mayor have contributed to these problems by emptying out the jails, mental institutions and de-criminalizing crime. The Woodside, Sunnyside, Astoria areas have tons of homeless, encampments and more. I hope JVB’s attempt at staying in politics does not go forward.

Is that the otherwise homeless man who had a penchant

For lifting up ladies skirts and dresses?? The angry sneer is unmistakable.


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