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Artwork/Exercise Equipment under 40th Street to ‘Reappear’ Next Week

Future Location of 40th Street Plaza (Photo: QueensPost)

Sept. 20, 2013 By Staff Report

The artwork/exercise equipment that workers began erecting under the 40th Street subway station yesterday was removed by nightfall.

Workers began installing it Thursday morning and the Department of Transportation said at the time it would be up by the end of the day.

Instead, the DOT said that it ran into an engineering issue and had to take it down. The sculpture/exercise equipment will be reinstalled toward the end of next week.

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South Side Johnny

What’s with all this “moving back and forth under the el?” If you live on the south side, you cross on the south side and use the south stairs. Likewise if you live on the northside. Occasionally there might be a reason to cross underneath, but rarely. What’s the problem with using it to display something interesting? Or should it be turned over to any vendor who decides they want to use it to sell fruit?

hipster liberace

ive been thinking as i go to work in my SUIT that i wish there was some metal square bolted to the concrete next to the filthy falafel cart where i dont know, i can do some metal square squats i guess.
then pick my self up and on my way to work!!! i give it one BORAT NIIIIICE!!! for this incredibly stupid idea.

SNAZZO world famous art critic

the cones are quite riveting, the placement and use us negative space between them says volumes about the struggle between open spaces and development in big cities. And the kiddies can run around them for excercise. Keep the cones, much more impressive work! Will be at STORM KING one day, guarantee it! Brilliant MTA!!


what a stupid design and a stupid idea. Seriously, I hope the geniuses who thought this idea up read this post and get offended. It’s a busy station with people moving back and forth. Those things are IN THE WAY.

Find a better way to spend that money.


Was the “engineering issue” that the engineer saw how horribly ugly the sculpture/equipment was and quit the job?


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