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Artwork/Exercise Equipment Goes up under 40th Street Station

Photo: SunnysidePost

Oct. 16, 2013 Staff Report

The proposed artwork/exercise equipment underneath the 40th Street subway station has finally been erected.

The Department of Transportation tried to put it up last month but ran into an engineering problem and removed it before it was fully installed.

The artwork/equipment is made with stainless steel– surrounded by rubber for safety purposes. Signs will accompany it to ensure people know how to use it.

A spokeswoman for the DOT said that the equipment/artwork will be up for one year—and then it will be taken down.

Photo: SunnysidePost

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Lorraine Jacobs

This is very interesting! Good thing that the DOT had already installed it. I do hope that many people can make use it and would follow proper instructions to avoid accidents.


Why don’t people just straight up say it? This is STUPID. it’s a STUPID idea to put these things in the middle of such a busy area. Its STUPID to put raised platforms where people can trip over. Whoever thought of this idea is a moron…a real dumb person who should be removed from the position from making decisions like this with tax payer money. Sunnyside needs other things and this is what they do. So …freaking…STUPID


the installation is NOT aesthetically pleasing nor have i witnessed anyone using it. a sculpture or statue would have been better choices for a public art display — this “equipment” is such an odd choice for a busy pedestrian walkway.


A nice, bright colored mural would have been a much better idea, not to mention cheaper and safer. This looks like something someone just dragged out of a Willets Point scrap yard.

43rd & 43rd

They look like torture devices. I can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea — metal “exercise equipment” with sharp corners and edges, on concrete, between eight lanes of heavy traffic, getting in the way of Sunnyside’s busiest pedestrian area, and of course soon to be covered in pigeon poop.

Can hardly wait for homeless people to build tents under them this winter.


Walking through the 40th st. underpass twice now, all I can say is that it looks horrible & someone is going to get seriously injured. The raised platforms they are on are a problem in and of themselves; let alone the nonsensically bent pipes and wood. This is, in my honest opinion, an ugly and inappropriately positioned selection of “art”.

One can only imagine how much this has cost the taxpayer.

Snazzo, world famous art critic

I flick my hand radido under my chin i an italiano gesture meaning that this so called artwork is like something I could **** out of my *** on Monday of course.

South Side Johnny

This is great- there’s so much underutilized space in our community, the space under the station should be put to better use. It also needs to be maintained properly. I look forward to incorporating these work-out machines into my daily exercise regime.

a Walker

Doesn’t make any sense to comment on anything on this post as there are certain individuals who will always get what they want regardless of the rest of us. Lynch will be getting a lot of business from this and from the bicycles. Cars are the least of our problems. So this is my last comment will just look and watch what happens. God bless the innocents.

art critic

This might be officially sanctioned street art and not vandalism, but still, it’s not very good.

Buff TRansit Guy

I got off the 7 train, worked out for a quick half hour and then had a pumpkin ale at the courtyard, amazing experience! Thanks art people.

punk hatr

if you looked at the so called bolts that were placed in the ground a few weeks ago, you wouldn’t get on this crap. How do you expect 4 tiny bolts to hold up a fat 250 man swinging around? Expect this “art” will be pulled out of the cement quickly.


I hope this gives Change guy something else to do besides standing on a corner doing something obscene with a garbage can (no I am not kidding).

As for this artwork; I’ll be taking a close look at it every day now. I can only imagine the lawsuits that will develop the moment some txtr walks into it; or one of the many fine patrons of the too many pubs stumbles over them.

This is no place for such “art”. I can’t imagine the people protesting against that aluminum building and not rising up to say squat about this monstrosity in the middle of a commuter zone.


How about getting rid of all those food carts running generators, adding to noise pollution and litter?


Puzzling to say the least. Who is actually going to Work Out under the 7 Train? With the Pigeon Droppings and between 6 lanes of smog spewing traffic? Also fighting the rush hour crowds getting on and off the train? Who looked at this and said “Yeah, that’s a great place to put a workout gym/Artwork.” Why not at Skillman Park? Why not anywhere else?


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