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Arrested Sunnyside property manager bailed out, charged with attempted assault, harassment, and stalking

Neal Milano

Sept. 5, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

The Sunnyside property manager who was arrested two days ago faces charges of harassment, stalking, and attempted assault, according to Queens Criminal Court documents.

Neal Milano, the 70-year-old property manager of the building at 47-55 39th Place, was arrested on September 3 at 2:20 pm. Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer said NYPD met Milano at the airport, where he was returning to the country after being away for several weeks.

His charges, formally read on Sept. 4, include attempted assault with intent to cause physical injury, stalking in the 4th degree, and harassment in the second degree, case details read.

The arrest and charges are related to a stalking complaint filed in July 2017 by a 43-year-old woman who alleges she was grabbed and harassed by Milano between September 2016 and July.

Milano was released on a $2,500 bail, and is scheduled to appear back in court on Sept. 8

The property manager is under investigation by the Commission on Human Rights and the state Attorney General’s office for allegations of tenant harassment. Milano is also the defendant in a lawsuit filed against him by a condo owner of the building who alleges a history of arbitrary fines and harassment.

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Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

The man is an extortionist, terrorist, bully, you name it that’s him. He needs to spend time in Rikers, maybe they will “help” him out.

fan of dough boy park

This guy seems like a real jerk if you ask me. Not like the good old days. We must put the whole system on trial.

El Loco Fan Club

RD the odds at Donavan’s are 3-1 in favor of El Loco. Although Al has about 100 pounds on El loco he doesn’t have the stamina.


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I read that “Milano was arraigned on Sept. 3 where bail was set at $2,500. Milano was ordered to return to court on Sept. 8 and faces up to three months in jail and up to $500 in fines if convicted.”

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Sunnyside Gardens aka Wendy's

El Loco vs Big Al are having a cage match at the old Sunnyside Gardens tomorrow at 8. Stay tuned.

Marc micelli

As disgusting and vile Milano is, he’s an improvement over those communist liberal,anti American anti family pieces of
Democrat garbage that live in that building.

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King of Woodside

I heard that Barbara won the Budweiser arm wrestling championship at the Santa Maria Bar on roosevelt Ave back in the day.

El loco

You people should pay your bills, poor neal gets a bad name ,but if you pay he doesnt have to do this. Everyone tries to get over. I feel bad for my friend and mentor neal


Now this is in the courts hands. He was released on only $2,500 bail which leads me to believe that the judge did not view him as a threat to society based on this charge and criminal past (if there even was one). Some commenters should stop with the harassing and bullying comments especially because I am reading things that are involving his daughter and grandchild. It is just wrong. This case got national media attention so I am sure the city and authorities are doing the best they can to intervene and prevent this from happening again.

Sick and tired of yo sh*t o'clock

A judge also released the guy who mowed down those people in Times Square a week before he did that. Let’s not assume judges always have the best judgment. This judge could very well have put the tenants in that building as well as neighbors in danger.


Oh you are talking about Richard Rojas the U.S. Navy veteran who had been arrested at least four times before for offenses including drunk driving and threatening someone with a knife, according to police officials and public records. I think we would of found out if Mr Milano had a criminal past by now. You can not compare the two. Neil seems like a bad building manager that was arrested for a complaint that was filed in July but took place back in Feb. of 2017.


Julie & others have a point.But if you have been following this story, many people have.reported. alot of harrassment here.Years of it.There’s pain & anger out there right now; this whole thing will be analyzed for awhile. Anyway, just watched news of an off the charts hurricane on the way. God have mercy..l


Since people say it has been going on for years we can only conclude that the media attention helped his accusers and the city build a case.


Please don’t waste taxpayer money on this nonsense. It won’t make any difference, he’ll just get angrier and eventually may hurt someone, he has mental problems.

Pearl Cream

I guess while the police were at the airport they were looking for drug dealers and terrorists also, right? What a waste of resources!

108 Charllie

El Loco I would get any desktop that allows you to get an music by Oran Juice Jones. Also how much you want for Neil’s old parking spot? I can give you a bottle of Wild Irish Rose and a can of Key Food Roasted Cashews to sweeten the deal. Thanks.


He is 70 years old. His behavior is odd and erratic. Aggression and anger is a sign of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Just keep that in mind when you are judging the elderly or a person of any age showing anger or strange behavior. It just might be something that they can not help and a mental issue.

barbara 6G

Don’t confuse pure evil with Alzheimer’s. Did you see the video of him telling the woman she better pay up as she is leaving the building and then calling her a C? Did you see the video of all his cursing and threatening behavior in the video on youtube? You want to feel sorry for this man because you don’t live in the building but he is pure evil The Nazi names on the building directory eliminated any doubt in my mind that this man is evil. Oh and don’t get me started with the Kunta Kinte trump labels.

Sick and tired of yo sh*t o'clock

Barbara, I saw the youtube video, but where did you see the video of him telling a woman to “pay up”? I need to see that one.

I don’t even know what a kunty kunty is. Just bizarre and yes, evil. 100%

barbara 6G

here is the video, hear him starting cursing, what a piece of dog poo Neal Milano is. Look at how he treats women, demanding money as she leaves, this is extortion, he could have written a letter to her, or the board could have. You can also tell she is there with her mother. “SO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PAY THE MONEY???? Could you imagine what its like to live in this building??


I saw the short video posted. It sounded like a dispute over money Neil states the tenant does not want to pay. I did not see anything physical or harassing in the video. Both people seemed loud and Neil seemed like he was mumbling something as he walked back into the building. I read the article. The lady claims she was physically assaulted back in Feb. by him. The woman made a complaint to police on July 13. Leave it to the courts now.


I do not know how this is going to play out in court but if he or his family wanted to ever charge someone or sue for on line harassment and bullying i think he would have a case. Watch what you say people.

For real?

LMAO!! That’s the equivalent of the robber who sued because he got shot breaking into someone’s home. You can’t take the heat? Stop fckn wth people. How bout dat?


I hope this man finally gets the help he needs. From what i read he should be required to take some home/building management courses and some sort of therapy for his behavior.

Neeeeeeeal's private parking LLC

El Loco…you are now also in charge of the building! The building is being renamed The Snowflake Bed and Breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast Fan

Do they serve Twinkees at that Inn? I heard HC is valet parking cars there? Tip HC well.

Al from Sunnyside

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Neeeeeeeal's private parking LLC

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El loco

That was a fake El loco. It was Al from SUNNYSIDE trying to hurt me. Bad Al from SUNNYSIDE. I would never say anything good about either of those creeps – Al or Neil.

Mrs.el loco

I really like Neil also. He’s drop dead sexy gorgeous. A stud! I’ve spent a few afternoons with him, all man. Al from Sunnyside too. Sexy.


Isn’t he also a registered sex offender? I read a flyer taped up at the school across the street from where he lives that he’s a past offender and he can’t be near any children. Which leads me to my next question – WHY is he allowed to live across the street from a school? I thought sex offenders had to maintain a certain amount of distance from schools and parks with children??? For that reason alone, h shouldn’t be allowed to live in that building!

Southside Johnny

Quit getting your news from random flyers taped onto utility poles. You’d be more informed if all you did was watch Fox news but only slightly.

Mc. Comb over

Conditions of Bail Include
1. Curfew – no going outside after 10pm
2. No Harassing
3. No getting arrested
4. No threats
5. No screaming obscenities
6. No leaving the county (forget about Thailand you despicable animal)
7. No stalking
8. No graffiti – i.e., no Trump Stickers
9. No racist language
10. Your ass is grass:)
11, Your cell mate in Rikers will know all about you, i promise

Me no like Rikers Island

this despicable animal belongs in Creedmoor and or Rikers Island along with his unemployed baby mama daughter in 6G who assists him in terrorizes the residents of that condo building.

Sick and tired of yo sh*t o'clock

Sunnyside Post, Can you tell us what some of his other arrest records show? Surely, you can access that information somehow.


This guy is a real piece of crap! So glad they posted his picture so the whole neighborhood can see what a mean, egocentric jerk looks like!


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