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Applications for Hunters Point South to Go out Next Month, as Community Board 2 Gets Ready to Help Applicants

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Sept. 5, 2014 By Christian Murray

The application period for the affordable rental units at Hunters Point South is expected to begin next month and Community Board 2 leaders are in the process of setting up a number of local meetings to guide residents through the application process.

The applicants will be aiming to snag one of the 925 affordable apartments that are expected to be completed early next year.

Community Board 2 residents—who currently live in Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City—will be given priority over outside applicants on 50% of the units.

The income requirements are broad and tailored more toward middle income earners. For example, units have been set aside for families who make up to $190,000, based on numbers released last year by the Bloomberg administration.

The developer, Related Companies, is expected to send out marketing materials early next month, which will announce the lottery as well as the application deadline.

Once the marketing campaign begins, applicants will have a 60 day window to submit their applications through the NYC Housing Connect website. (click website)

“If the marketing period begins Oct. 1, then applicants have a 60 day window to apply from that date,” said Lisa Deller, the chairwoman of Community Board 2’s Land Use committee.

Community Board 2 Chairman Joe Conley, who helped negotiate the 50% priority for local residents with Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, wants to make sure that Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City residents take advantage of their increased odds. This has been a contributing factor in why the meetings are being held.

A series of meetings have been tentatively scheduled throughout the district. For instance, a meeting has been scheduled in Sunnyside at the Sunnyside Community Services Center (43-31 39th Street) on Sept 29 at 7:00 pm.

Meanwhile, another meeting is scheduled to take place at the Woodside Library, 55-22 Skillman Ave., on Oct. 1 (time to be confirmed); and in Long Island City on Oct 6 (time and venue still to be confirmed).

The meetings aim to educate residents on how to apply; what the eligibility requirements are and how the housing lottery works.

“This is a great opportunity for folks who live in our community that want to live on the waterfront,” said Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer. “I’m proud of the role we have played with the community board in getting the set asides for local residents.”

“There is a lot of interest for this,”  Van Bramer said. “We have been getting calls on it even before construction started.”

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43rd & 43rd

I suggest reading the linked articles. Most of the units are simply not available to a family of four+ making $190k.


tax subsidies for a few lucky rather than asking what else could be done with sales on condos in that area.
Only in NY does prime real estate go to developers for $$$ and gets tax subsidized.
Sell condos, get taxes, use for scho9ols.


If you make 190k you can afford a house
Worth a million. My husband and I are making not
even half of that and we want to stay in the neighborhood
but we can’t really afford it as we qualify for not even half
a million home which will only get you a coop in sunnyside and not
Even that in LIC. We live in a one bedroom and can’t have a kid
While we can’t afford moving to a bigger place. It gets even better:
We bought our sunnyside co-op 8 years ago and as it turns out at this point
We can’t refinance or sell the place since most part of the
Shares are sponsored owned and no bank will give loans for
Such buildings.
This “affordable” building could be our only option and I will possibly apply for it but I bet you
The people making 190K will be the ones
To get the place.

Joke man

Actually, what they are trying to do is keep middle class people in the city. We can’t just have very rich and very poor in the city. Sorry to upset everyone.

El loco

I agree with these other people. Just being sarcastic. This is silly. But I still would like an apartment and will apply.


Calling $190K a year “middle income” is truly Bloombergian era double speak. Statistically, “middle income” even in the NY area would be around half that much for a household with dual income earners.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

A couple making nearly 200k a year can’t afford a place and they need special “affordable” housing?

El Loco

I make $190,000.00, I really need some affordable housing. I hope this is not one of those places with a poor door. I want to go in the front door with the rich folks. Thanks Jimmy for helping us po’ people.


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