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Another pervert strikes on the 7 train, baby allegedly molested by Corona man

52nd Street Station

Aug. 7, 2017 By Jason Cohen

A 42-year-old Queens man allegedly molested an infant on the 7 train Saturday, police said.

According to a NYPD spokesman, Antonio Guarchaj of Corona, allegedly sat next to a woman and her 10-month old baby on a Manhattan bound 7 train at around 1:15 pm before touching the infant’s feet and placing his hand up the child’s skirt, the police said.

Witnesses followed Guarchaj and he was arrested at the 52nd Street – Roosevelt Avenue stop on Saturday afternoon.

Guarchaj was charged with sex abuse, forcible touching, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Guarchaj has four prior arrests. None of them involve sex abuse.

He was arraigned Sunday and is being held on a $1,000 bail or $1,000 bond. His next scheduled court date is Friday.

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If he touched my infant daughter they would of had to scraped off the concrete on Roosevelt ave.


Searched his name on fb .. looks like a perv … i wish i would see this bastard in the street .. omg

Not surprised

judge let him go to give him a chance to flee, thats the new sanctuary city policy thing, makes it harder for ice to get them if theyre not in a jail

Tony 'The Wrench'

That’s what you get with Sanctuary cities… if some lunatic gets released because it’s Diblassio’s policy to treat ‘illegal criminals’ like misunderstood people who deserve compassion, rather than face the same justice system that ‘we’ the citizens have to abide by, well… if you don’t agree with Diblassio, you’re a racist. How dare you demand that the LAW be followed? Are you crazy? You must be…
Never mind the fact that people have lost their lives at the hands of people who weren’t supposed to be here in the first place. That’s not important, what’s a few Americans dead… that’s nothing’ We’re doing something far more righteous. We’re being good liberal
New Yorkers *thumbs up* yay’
How about Kate Steinle, who was walking on a piere in San Diego, when she was hit by a stray bullet, that was fired by an illegal criminal who was deported five times! Yes, 5 times….
Well, sh*t happens’ what are you gonna do? Uphold the law? What!? Nooo way, don’t even try it! You racist!


Illegals? Don’t let ignorance fool you as to who a molester is. I was molested at noon walking up stairs of 7 train by American looking man in his 20’S and enforcement did not care when I reported it. If we do not care we will not stop the perversion.


Need more foot patrol police and police unites driving throughout Sunnyside, Woodside and Jackson Heights to deter these perverts. If I was on that train, he would have been spitting out his teeth as he laid on the ground!

El loco


You know that you would have been cowering in the corner or egging someone else on. You’re tough when it’s over. You would have done nothing!!!

Eric Barthels

Only $1,000! The judge will let him back on the streets for a g? He shouldn’t have be offered any bail.

Telly g

Too many sicko freaks in queens. Especially around elmhurst/corona.
Sunnyside seems to attract them.
It’s the neighborhood.
All quacks.

Tony 'The Wrench'

It’s because those areas have a high concentration of illegals residing in them.


That is well known. Elmhurst/Corona also have a drug and prostitution problem. That is why I moved when I got married. Not to say that the majority of illegals are causing the problems but their large presence in one area can attract people who are involved in illegal activity. This occurs in many neighborhoods with a high concentration of undocumented immigrants. And i am talking about illegal immigrants in one area and not legal immigrants!


I’ve recently seen an influx of more men handing out those hooker cards with a big titty girl and number
Like they do in Vegas. It’s disgusting


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