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Another Pawn Shop Comes to Sunnyside

Photo: George Burles

Sept. 3, 2010 Staff Report

A new pawn shop is about to open on Greenpoint Ave. between 46th and 47th Streets (next door to Chase bank). Signage went up yesterday.

The signs are in English and Spanish.

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Hello, this is so addicts can turn gold into cash and give to the cocaine dealers on 48th street. 48th st has been cocaine heaven for 2 decades now.

Long time resident

While I agree that three pawn shops in so small an area could be a troubling sign about the economy and neighborhood (for real estate values), I also find it troubling that some seem to be under the impression that Sunnyside is a homogeneousupper middle class neighborhood, with no need for a pawn shop. It’s not. It’s pretty mixed bag when it comes to where people fall on the economic ladder.


Frequenters of pawn shops require quick, discount money and do not have the funds available through savings or other financial means. Having 3 of these within blocks of each other implies a neighborhood with a growing number of residents desperate for cash. One could also surmise the next step would be and increase in burgleries and petty thefts would follow in a short period. These are harbingers of reasons real estate values and lending institutions will be more inclined to make their presence elswhere and if you own a co-op, condo or house, you have been redlined without even knowing it.


Until the fools in Washington stop trashing the economy, pawn shops will be the least of our problems.


The pawn shop on Greenpoint Avenue opened up virtually overnight. I guess the owners wanted to be ready in time for Saturday’s street fair, which will bring thousands of people into the area. Do all pawn shops pay the same, or is it wise to “shop around” before pawning? Perhaps three pawn shops in Sunnyside is not such a bad thing if the customers can get better deals.

Greenpoint av resident

Amazing how no one n the community knew about this pawn shop opening I guess when it’s not On qns blvd or in Sunnyside gardens nobody really cares


Usually pawn shops have the reputation of being in poorer neighborhoods like jamaica. /where the population is not like what we have here in sunnyside. Plus these parwn shops all saw attract very unsavery characher of people into a neighborhood. I feel we should have more of a say for what opens in our town like a bid or city couincil or chanber of commerce which should have a say on what happens for the better of our town.
Do we really need 3 pawn shops in our little town

Time's Up

Instead of innuendo and supposition, it’d be great if people can provide concrete, tangible instances as how this is bad for the neighborhood.

I still don’t get why I’m supposed to be so afraid.


Yikes, that really stinks – and I wonder, is this the result of the poor economy or poor planning by the chamber? This is a tiny neighborhood, space wise, and we will soon have three (!) pawn shops? Really? Ultimately, I don’t believe we need that many (or even one, the only one for quite some time is deserted mostly). Might it be time for a master plan, commissioned by the BID (isn’t that what they are supposed to do?) and the chamber so that when times are better, appropriate businesses can flourish?


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