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Another Film Comes to Sunnyside

March 30, 2011 Staff Report

Shooting of a new film starring Robert De Niro begins today in Sunnyside. Production of the movie, titled Another Night, is taking place on Greenpoint Ave and on the south side of Queens Blvd.

There is no parking between 45th and 48th on Greenpoint Ave (between 12 pm and 2am). Additionally, there is no parking between 45th and 48th on the south side of Queens Blvd.

Here are some details on the film from Theater Mania.

Oscar winner Robert De Niro will star alongside fellow stage veterans Paul Dano, Julianne Moore, Olivia Thirlby, Dale Dickey, and Lili Taylor in the forthcoming film Another Night, which has begun filming. Academy Award nominee Paul Weitz is writing and directing the Focus Features project.

The movie, based on Nick Flynn’s 2004 memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, focuses on a young writer (Dano) who takes a job at a homeless shelter in Boston, where he’s reunited with his long-absent father (De Niro) who has come seeking a bed.

Weitz’s other films include About a Boy, In Good Company, and American Dreamz

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Come on people! This is what makes New York great city. They pay the city to shoot movies here. What so big deal about it.

Oppressed Masses

Using parking spaces for equipment trucks and vehicles directly related to filming is one thing, but taking up a block and a half of Skillman Ave between 47th and 49th Streets with food tables and catering trucks just ain’t right especially when there are plenty of places right along Skillman to get a sandwich, donuts or coffee (just ask the cop sitting in the car). Who else gets to set up food tables for blocks while working in a neighborhood? You never see Con Ed take up street space for food tables for its workers.

passive aggression

If you don’t like it, do everything within your legal rights to make filming as costly as possible for them so they don’t come back. Stand in your doorway, change curtains, hang flags up and change the flags every couple of hours, run appliances or machinery while they’re filming. Give ’em hell


The drawbacks of filming on location is for the people who live/work there. I was in Brooklyn Heights when they were filming Prizzi’s Honor. The streets were blocked off like a war zone.


im sick of these movies being filmed here. 1 hour extra for parking and tonight i got told to buzz off by a cop while walking to get groceries. their filming blocked off the access to key food.


double r, the Denis Leary TV show is RESCUE ME.

Andy Warhol’s BAD (1977) was also shot in the area. And here’s a find:

SUNNYSIDE (1978, starring Joey Travolta): “Joey plays Nicky Martin, leader of The Night Crawlers, an ethnically-mixed “good” gang that protects the neighborhood of Sunnyside (in Queens) while selling contraband cigarettes.”

From the opening credits I can’t tell if it was actually shot here, but it does give the neighborhood a catchy theme song! Sunnyside will turn your head around!

double r

another movie aside from the one’s mentioned is im (90%) sure on this is kiss toledo goodbye… i believe they shot under the “el” and in st.teresa’s church( before the interior face lift )back in the day. and the series with denise leary .the firefighter one,my mind is drawing a blank and its not to important to rack my brain…cant wait to se this new one, the area seems to be coming up in the movies…


The fact is that the neighborhood is being used a a fantasy them park for movie/tv production, to the vast inconvenience of residents.

TV filming is going on for the third week of total disruption and hell in Sunnyside Gardens- no parking, towed cars, and police officer sitting around telling people not to park, all for the benefit of a private company.

The real story is not the plot of the movie or TV show; the real story is how this massive disruption is inflicted on neighborhoods without any consultation with the people who bear the consequences.


The movie The Yards (with Mark Wahlberg) I think also referenced Sunnyside or should have.


Yes, I enjoyed that movie to a mild degree, most;y because I kept recognizing the neighborhood. Another great Sunnyside reference was in the first Spiderman movie, with Peter Parker on 43rd with the #7 rumbling by in back of him.


The summary suggests that Sunnyside will be doubling for Boston in the movie. Anyone remember the location shooting for Kate Hudson’s “Raising Helen,” where Sunnyside doubled for Astoria?


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