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Annual Sunnyside Artists Crafts & Arts Fair to Take Place This Weekend

At a prior Sunnyside Craft & Arts Fair (Sunnyside Artists)

Nov. 8, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

Local artisans will showcase their works this Sunday at the annual Sunnyside Artists Crafts & Arts fair.

The event will take place on Nov. 11 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at its usual location inside Queen of Angels Church at 44-04 Skillman Ave, in the street-level parish hall.

More than 35 artists will present works for sale ranging from handmade jewelry, soaps, organic scents, photography, pottery, accessories, crochet, and more.

The event is free and open to all, with lunch and snacks provided by Senso Unico, one of Sunnyside’s newest restaurants. Lowery Wine & Liquors, meanwhile, will offer a free glass of wine to attendees for every art purchase.

Raffles will also be available at the event, and include prizes like wines and liquors, gift certificates from local stores, Thanksgiving turkeys, and even a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The popular event is in its 10th year, according to Sunnyside Artists, and typically sees hundreds of attendees throughout the day.

The annual event also sets aside a portion of table fees to be donated to local food pantries.

Sunnyside Artists was founded in 2007, and is a nonprofit made up of over 200 visual artists from the Woodside and Sunnyside area, along with 400 art supporters. The first event for the collaborative was a fine art fair show, with an crafts show later added on, as requested by the community.

The full lineup of artisans at the Sunday event are listed on the event flyer.

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lowery's customer for life

Lowery’s wine store – very cool you that you were handing out complimentary glasses of wine… certainly helped the warm fuzzy feeling of the craft and art fair

Homegrown Community

This is always a wonderful day for everyone who participates. It is truly a grassroots group, easily organizing a way for diverse members of the community to meet each other on common ground, share a bite to eat and build community. It is not a city-dictated, city-supported or city run event. The artists pay for tables. The amount is enough to pay for costs and make a nice donation to a local food pantry. Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the day.

The price is wrong

It’s fine and good for everyone to be welcome, but when the organizers are actively and obsessively doing harm to our community after their ridiculous attempt to manipulate the community into rejecting a municipal safety initiative rightfully failed and only led them to double down as a result, then the community no longer welcomes them. We have moved on and it’s time to pass the torch. They’ve lost any good will they’d built among the wider swath of the people who live here, broken decades long friendships, are completely marginalized politically, and for what? A few parking spaces taken for a plan they refused to listen to and still don’t understand? It wasn’t worth it, they’re poisoning our community, and they need to stop.

Boycotting anything they attach their names to is the only reasonable option.

Life Long Resident

@ Price, pay closer attention to what the new street designs and protected bike lanes are doing. It’s not about the loss of parking — though, that is what got the attention of people in the first place — they’re advocating against the changes that were shoved down a community’s throat pretty much against its will and frankly, has resulted in a less safe street scape for everyone — pedestrians, motorists and even cyclists in some corridors of this newly designed lane. While you are certainly entitled to a boycott — it’s a free country afterall — the notion that the organizers are “poisoning our community” is preposterous. The Sunnyside Artists organizers have donated their time for years to provide a venue and outlet for local artists and many are very grateful for all of these opportunities. Your inability to separate the politics of the bike lane issue from this wonderful community event speaks volumes and underscores just how far you will go to cut off your nose to spite your face. Despite differences in where one stands on issues — for or against these protected bike lanes — we are all part of this neighborhood. Community matters.

We more than understand

When firetrucks can’t reach the top of your building because of the poorly planned/placed bike lanes then you will change your tune. It’s already been proven that they cannot. A few strategically placed speed bumps would have been more than enough. A ‘few’ spaces? Try well over 100 (a # that keeps increasing btw), for a paltry # of bike riders, who rarely obey the rules of the road and create dangerous situations with their negligence. This plan was a snafu from day 1. Wise up.

You Bore Us

Price is Wrong. I don’t know who you are and who you speak for, but the Craft Fair is and was a smashing success. The “political” connections you refer to are on their way out because they never were dedicated to life here anyway. Sunnyside and it’s ebcirons are just a stepping stone to them, we have all been here for decades and have no plans to move to LIC to try to push Carolyn Maloney out of her seat. Your analysis is poorly founded. You, too, will move on before long. Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry.


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