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Annual Oktoberfest at Sunnyside Gardens Park has been canceled


Sept. 29, 2016 Staff Report

The annual Oktoberfest event that was scheduled to be held at Sunnyside Gardens Park on Saturday has been canceled in anticipation of bad weather.

A rain date had been set for Sunday but the organizers elected to scrap the event in anticipation of poor weather all weekend.

The festival is typically held every year and it is a celebration of the beginning of fall. The event consists of a craft fair, a pumpkin patch, and the traditional wine, beer and bratwurst.



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didn’t rain on the rain day (sun) either. Don’t really think they wanted to let the hoi polloi in….

john barleycorn must die

all the SSG moms can get wasted elsewhere in Sunnyside at one of the many pubs. They never have a problem finding liquor.

Not a Brit

Actually, might be because both canceled and cancelled are correct. Decent amount of articles on it, but I figure the Merriam Webster site should be enough proof (check under verbs):

Apparently, it’s related to the conversion of British English to American English (as in other examples like ‘flavour’).

The more you know!

Save the Robots


Try a dictionary. This from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate.

US can·celed or chiefly British can·celled; US can·cel·ing or chiefly British can·cel·ling; can·cels

One L is the preferred spelling with the majority of US publishers.

El loco

That’s ridiculous. It’s the fault of hipsters, yuppies, trust fund babies, homeless people, Mexicans, Jimmy Van Beamer, dog owners, Pat Dorfnan,nail salon owners. Did I leave out any of the usual suspects who are blamed for everything in this neighborhood. Oh yeh greedy landlords. That covers about every letter written to this blog.


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