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An Upscale Mexican Restaurant to Open on 48th Avenue Next Month


Sept. 3, By Christian Murray

A restaurant is opening on 48th Avenue next month that will focus on selling Central Mexican sandwiches—known as cemitas.

The establishment, aptly named Cemita’s, is located at 45-14 48th Ave. and its owner aims for the restaurant to be a destination where local people can eat and hang out for a drink.

Danny Lyu, a Los Angeles native who is the proprietor of the business, said that there are many good eateries near his restaurant but there are a lack of places where people can go out for the evening.

Cemitas has a bar and offers wine and beer. The establishment isn’t able to sell liquor since it is located near several churches.

The restaurant has room for 32 customers, including several seats at the bar.

Lyu is still working on the menu as well as finalizing what beer he will have on tap.

The location was previously occupied by Esmeralda.





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Jeez. Why are so many people so salty here? Good for this guy for trying to offer something decent and new. Don’t like it? Don’t visit.


Just what we need more Mexican Restaurants! Aren’t there enough already!! How about some good old fashioned American Restaurants that serve American food?? Not many places around to get American food these days!!

king henrik

That’s upscale????? Believe me, there’s nothing upscale about 48th ave & 45th st. It’s disgusting


Now the Bliss closed…It is good to see that businesses are still opening at the same time….I hope that doesn’t offend anyone? seems as if you can’t express a point of view or an opinion on this Post if it doesn’t agree with the liberal majority….or if someone advertises in the Sunnyside Post

Joe at the Berkley

@ben yeah the liberal boogey man is around every corner. Shouldn’t you be rallying around some fake video being repeatedly aired on Fox.

Trump for president

Can’t be 500 feet from a church. Joe Connley probably approved it before he jumped ship from CB 2.
Place is gonna last 6 months than turn into burrito central.
What’s next?

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

The Jar Bar on that same street is located next to a church and directly across the street from two others, yet they have a liquor license.


The JarBar has been a bar for 50 years longer than there has been a church on that block. I would hope that they are grandfathered. They need to stop kissing ass to churches. If you open a church on a commercial strip you should live with the other businesses that open around you. You are not special.

George B

I walked by this place last night. Looks interesting and curious to try it. I’m wondering if it will just be the prices that make it “upscale.”


It looks adorable! Hopefully it will be as good as it looks – De Mole and The Haab are fierce competition on that end of the block.

¿por que?

Whaaaaa? Same block as De Mole…really? Not sure that will work. De Mole is amazing! I see this being a problem for the new place..


I would guess higher quality ingredients. Think hangar steak and real Oaxaca cheese vs mystery beef and Monterey Jack.

El El

“The establishment isn’t able to sell liquor since it is located near several churches.” Is this America!? Give me back my America!!


Love the clean, modern interior. Owner seems to know what he’s doing. Hope they do well, although that isn’t exactly the best area


I’m hoping that’s tile. Otherwise, you’re right… carpets in restaurants aren’t a good thing at all!


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