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All Saints’ Church Yard to Undergo Makeover

Sept. 23, 2010 Staff Report

The All Saints’ Episcopal Church, located on 46th Street (between 43rd Ave. and Queens Blvd), is about to tear down its wooden fence and refurbish its public garden.

Rev. Joseph Jerome, the church’s rector, said that the garden is about to undergo a major overhaul in mid-October — with the outside garden being re-landscaped. He said he would like the community to enjoy the garden area again and hold public events in that space.

The wooden fence was originally erected about 3 years ago to protect children in the nursary school from running onto the street. A new fence will go up, made out of see-through metal, which will cover a much smaller section of the property.

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The Phipps Housing Park is being sold to a developer who is proposing to build brick townhouses surrounding a relocated 1930’s house. Not definite yet but in the works!

Time's Up

I’ve never understood that situation, Sunny Skies. Very perplexing.

I couldn’t imagine a private owner allowing it to just sit there. Someone needs to pitch a tent there and make it his or her home – maybe they can claim the land via adverse possession.

Sunny Skies

While we’re on the subject of green space

There’s a really neat park on the corner of 50th Street and 39th Avenue that has lots of potential but has unfortunately been locked for years and left to deteriorate (tsk tsk)

Given the lack of green space, it’s time for the owners to either make use of it or allow the community to spruce it up for all to enjoy

Sunnyside Post

The fence went up to ensure that the children in the nursary school didn’t run out onto the street.


YEAH!!! It would be nice if it were open to the public: bring a chair, read a book, chat, clean up after yourself. Or just let us see the grass again. It’s a limited commodity in Sunnyside.

Frank caropreso

I’m so happy. That fence was awful. Hopefully the yard will be green space like I remember it as a child. I applaud whoever made such a wise decision.


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