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After second-guessing its decision, V&V Bakery closes for good

Jan. 19, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

An Italian bakery in Woodside has shut down for good after 45 years in business.

After wavering back and forth as to whether or not to close its doors, V&V Bakery at 61-19 Roosevelt Avenue has shut its doors for good.

The Sunnyside Post first reported that it was closing on Sunday, but then hours later the bakery announced on Facebook that it would reopen on January 17 “due to popular demand.”

Since that post, the bakery has once again decided to shut down because of weak business and rent hikes.

The bakery opened in Woodside in 1972, and remained largely unchanged over the years, offering Italian cookies and cakes in a glass case, as well as freshly baked breads.

“Many of our customers who moved away would come back and see us from time to time,” said owner Iliana LaMicela on Sunday. “Our customers were like family to us.”

The bakery is no longer open and the phone number has been disconnected.

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Chris H McGovern

I used to love getting stuff at V&V when I was a kid living in Woodside, every Sunday morning we got rolls, cupcakes and black and white cookies. I’m really sad it’s going away, but I also had no idea it was still in business all these years as I had moved in the late 80s


Sorry they closed. I grew up with them. Just loved all their cake and cookies. It was always so busy there was no room for anyone to move. My mom used to get my birthday cakes.


Loved the Irish Soda Bread and al the breads and rolls.
The cakes were fantastic too!

So sorry to see them go.


is very sad the good bakery we lost in Woodside For many years we visited
and we taste her variety bakery: Italian sesame bread, sticks, sugar free apple
pie, wheat variety breads, etc. We have imagination how the ladies owners
feeling that lost their business. December they lost her young sister, the cancer and now lost her business for the high rent. Every year the problem with the rent is difficult to survive in any area.


The rents in the commercial district of Woodside have risen exponentially. This bakery closing. The DD comments not withstanding rumor has it that the DD on 61 St had to move to Roosevelt Ave due to a rent increase from 6k a moth to 14k a month. I read the self serving article of Jimmy Van B the two things he does not address is the two homeless shelters in his district one moved in the dead of the night. he other is the selling out of Western Queens to developers look at LIC. The rents in the commercial areas of his district Anyone ever figure out why the old Dome bank location, movie theater and the pub Horgan’s were closed by the developer. The developer who bought the property could not secure the air rights so he could not do his build out. Guess his expediter did not do his due diligence.


I wish they would consider renting La marjolaine’s old spot. The rents have to be cheaper and I think business would be good there.


Woodside’s soul is vanishing. V&V, Woodside Florist, El Sitio, Pepinos all have closed their doors or transitioned within the last few years. More quality Mom & Pop, less Dunkin Donuts and 99 cent stores.


Peppino’s did not close. They renovated and reopened under the name Papa Sal’s, in respect and memory of their father Sal, the man who opened and ran Peppino’s for many years. I agree, more mom and pop, less DD and 99 cent crap. Unfortunately, these are the stores and businesses that the newer Woodside residents choose to support.


The original Peppino’s is not related to the current owners or any other owners since the early 80’s.


Peppino’s did not close. They renovated and reopened under the new name, Papa Sal’s, in memory of their father, Sal who passed away. He opened and ran Peppino’s for many years. I agree, less of the DD and 99 cent crap, but unfortunately, this is what the new residents are supporting. It is an absolute shame!


I was only there the other day with my son. The young lady behind the counter gave him a cookie and was very sweet with him. I’m shocked that this will no longer be here. I’ve been going there for years. I really hope it does re-open again next week… and I really hope that the landlord see’s some sense. Such a shame what’s happening with the neighborhood. 🙁


If you were the landlord and you could increase your revenue by 400%, wouldn’t you do the same? The owners probably don’t even live in the neighborhood, but hey. That’s free markets for you and the wonders of capitalism. Accept it.


i love it! that’s why i invested my hard earned money in sunnyside, and it’s paying off tremendously!

El loco

I probably would but that doesn’t mean it’s good for the neighborhood. The most interesting bakery in SUNNYSIDE/Woodside is the Cafe Bene. And that sucks!

Sir Walter Raleigh

Of course they would! everyone is for progress until it comes into there neighborhood. Us newcomers to Sunnyside have been experiencing lots of push back from the RIFF RAFF. Hey can I help it that I went to school and studied my behind off while you languished at some dead end job and drank away your money at the OLD FART SALOON. .


Screw the carnegie deli and their dry pastrami, the circus was abusing animals, and this bakery stinks.

my @$$- its about $$$

There used to be a real italian deli across the street by the barber shop and deluxe theater. Anyone remeber it or the name of it. I use to go there with my grandparents. They had sawdust on the floor, sausage and cheeses hanging from the ceiling. The place was awesome. Now, its sad what happened to this area over the years


3rd world? why would you say that? is it because our newer immigrants are coming from different areas than the older immigrants? do you realize that your view of woodside now is the same view some people had of it back when it was fully irish? i remember starting a new job about 25 years ago, soon after i moved here, and a woman of German descent who lived in Forest Hills said, “Woodside?! You live there…on purpose??”

there’s that old saying…”every immigrant group pulls up the ramp behind them.” what do we gain from this?

Marie J



this bakery went downhill for years now nasty service always a help wanted sign on the window and flies over the bread and their prices were thru the ceiling —


This bakery is the best bakery queens has ever seen! EVERYTHING was amazing. They were the nicest people and wonderful service! An end of an era! They will be missed!

I was born and raised in woodside and I am 42 years old. Woodside is garbage now not like the old days. Sad!

Fan of DoughBoy Park

This was a great bakery, and very friendly, I have no idea where your nasty service comment is coming from. If they stay closed it a loss for the community.


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