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After much delay, The Lowery to open Monday

File photo (pre mural)

File photo (pre-mural)

June 17, 2016 By Michael Florio

The wait is finally over.

The Lowery Bar & Kitchen, which is located on the corner of 43rd Street and 43rd Ave, is scheduled to open Monday at 4 pm.

The establishment was originally planned to open last summer. However, the owners have faced several obstacles.

Construction began later than anticipated since it took some time before they were able to hammer out a lease agreement with their landlord.

Furthermore, they have had to deal with an unexpected issue with a City agency.  Co-owner Anne Muldoon did not disclose those specifics.

Muldoon said earlier this month that she was very excited to open and begin serving the community she has lived in for years.

The Lowery will be a neighborhood bar and grill offering American cuisine and craft cocktails as well as beer and wine.

Muldoon is hoping the bar will become a new “go-to” spot for Sunnyside residents.

“There are a lot of great neighborhood locations in Sunnyside,” she said earlier this month. “We are happy to be an addition to the neighborhood.”

The bar/restaurant takes over the space that was previously occupied by Sofra, a Middle Eastern restaurant.

The Lowery will be open from 4 pm to 4 am Monday through Friday and 12 pm to 4 am on weekends, according to its website.

The bar’s exterior wall was recently painted with a mural that showcases the neighborhood. A contest was held where students at P.S. 150 submitted their drawings.

Ultimately, the drawing submitted by Arpad Tomity, a 12-year-old from P.S. 150, was selected. Simon Robinson, a local artist, painted the mural.




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Takes one to know one. I’m the douchiest douche that ever douched a douche. And this place is full of us.

Sir Walter Raleigh

well I understand they want to cater to a more upscale clientele! If you want cheap crap and Neanderthals!!! you can go to McGuinness, Jack’s Fire Dept. or across the Street to Bar 43. Keep up the good work Lowery 43 keep the Riff Raff out.


Was in there Sat. no food till 4 in the afternoon everyone who came in after me walked out. $7 for a mixed drink is crazy. All bars on the Blvd. charge $6 (well drinks).Went to Bar 43 standing room only they were crazy busy serving food and drinks.


These bar owners today are making a killing on beer and liquor. They know it and gladly do it without any hesitation. Why anyone would pay $8 for a Guinness is simply mindboggling. The bar owners have dropped the fishing line and reeled in a whole bunch of fish. They aren’t neighborhood bars like they used to be, They have set their prices as if they were located in midtown Manhattan. Good luck with that…..they won’t last very long.


Poked my head in on Friday and it looks great. Looking forward to having a pint and some snacks there soon. Good luck to the owners.

El loco

Had a hamburger there. It was good but nothing spectacular. Place is nice but nothing spectacular. Place is ok but nothing that makes it stand out. The menu was supposed to be much better. Hope it gets better. No reason to go in there.

Pink man

True 8 bucks is not cool at all for a pint. Especially when it probably won’t be as good as the other places


8 dollars for a Guinness is outrageous for this neighborhood. Why would I pay that when I can get it for 6 at most other places?

Glad they're finally open, but...

I walked by and looked at the menu. I can’t justify popping in to have beers there at those prices, not when I’m a five minute walk from my fridge—is there a happy hour special or something? I guess I might try one of their 14 dollar burgers once to see if they’re any good, but after all the build up I’m feeling a bit left down.

I have young kids and haven’t been able to spend much time in the bars since moving here—help me out Sunnysiders, where should I be going for my reasonably priced beer?


What’s wrong with Irish Pubs? We love Irish Pubs. You can’t avoid geting drunk if you tried lol. Isn’t that the idea ??!!

Bill O'Brien

I hate to say it but if you’ve seen one Irish pub… You’ve seen them all


And then there is the Kettle which has an awful Irish “singer” on Saturday nights who tries to play the banjo and an obnoxious woman bartender on Saturday night who insults the customers and thinks she will get a big tip. Get rid of them and it will return to being a great place.

Tony LoPresti

An Irish Pub by any other name…. Because you can’t have too many pubs in Sunnyside…

Sir Foo

The Problem with this neighborhood is not the hipsters it’s the tired old Guard that wants things to go back to the way they were back in the day. we moved here in 2000 and it was a dying neighborhood and all you had were a bunch of tired old Irish bars who’s patrons hated anyone who was not white, a cop a fireman or a construction worker. I applaud what is happening now! time to move on OLD FARTS. Us younger Farts welcome new hip people! so get to stepping.

Old Farts Stink!

Maybe we can get Trump to focus on the OLD FARTS instead of Muslims….. Then I’d vote for him!!!!


Nothing says hip like an American flag under glass and a mural painted by a grade schooler


I’ve lived in this neighborhood a while. A lot longer than I care to admit, and the changes it has undergone have been tortuously slow. I couldn’t buy fresh thyme (or any herbs for that matter) when I moved here. It took ten years.

There are people here that like it just the way it is. Hispanoamerica on one side, Asian America on the other, and the Irish wedged in between.

More pubs, more nail salons, 99 cent stores, and pharmacies. It caters to the demographic. Once the demographic changes, then the neighborhood will change. But nobody is coming to live hear because of the atmosphere, that’s for sure. So it’ll take another ten years to even approach the most boring parts of brooklyn.

It’s the same as when I moved here. People sleep here but have a life elsewhere. And I’m not a hipster.

Sunnyside Kreegs

My girlfriend and I ate there last night and they were super busy! We got the pork and brisket burger and the black bean and sweet potato burger. Both were amazing and the food arrived quickly despite how busy they were. The cocktails were great too and the vibe is awesome. Happy they finally got to open and get all the neighborhood in there! I’ll be back time and again, and you should all too. Welcome to the neighborhood!!

Gastrointestinal Explorere

Another reason was $6 for a bottle of beer. And what if I don’t want a craft beer on tap? A choice of just Stella or Guinness? I don’t want a Duck’s Ass IPA or a Spooky Shit Lager. And the prices for food are Manhattan prices. After one drink I went to Jack’s Ale House and paid $4 for a pint of Radeberger. Cheaper and without the pretention.

I am disappoint

It’s just burgers and tacos. The menu is mostly beers. It’s not a restaurant it’s just a pub. Ah well.

Irish lassie

Whoever is writing this stuff imitating the owners of the bar is a moron and should be taken outside and squashed! I went into the Lowery and it is a nice place. Good food, good drinks, good looking men. Good luck and stop the non-sense!

pretty streets

so you both went there for the free food, Huh. soup kitched a bit packed last night?

Bart Stone

I’m going to stop by to check it out after work. Best of luck to the new owners! The more quality restaurants and bars we have, the better.

Jimmy Van Pooch

I hope the mashed potatoes are more reasonably priced than at Quaint. I’d hate to walk all the way from Flynn’s to find out the mashed are out of my price range.

Bulimic Panda

Good tidings to all from the Bulimic Panda on this fine Father’s Day. I was just released from jail again. Today I traveled to all 4 boroughs to visit my children from various “women”.

Bars are dens of iniquity that draw us to sin. That being said, I look forward to a few things about this new pub. I will pillage a few “women”, get beaten up and banned, then write positive Yelp reviews.

I miss and love all of you so much. Next year in Jerusalem. G-d bless our terrible little Sunnyside and most races. Amen.

Chill out

I hope it’s as good as all the unnecessary press the post has been giving it. It’s like it’s the only bar restaurant in the neighborhood that ever opened. . Give them a break already it’s like you guys want to be the PR company or something.

Longtime resident

My guess would be that someone from the establishment has been in touch with the editor. I’m not suggesting that’s disreputable. If other new businesses pitched themselves to the editor, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more coverage for them. (I’m in PR BTW)

The Lowery Owners

That’s not true. No preferential treatment. We guarantee that the wait will have been worth it. Free give aways and food from 4-7 Monday as a token of our appreciation for the long wait for our opening!

Jon Snow

I’ve a funny feeling you’re not the owner. Why have they not put this info on their Facebook page???


Excellent point. You could very well be right. However, they don’t really do a great job of keeping their website and social media current. Better than most local establishments, but that’s not saying much. For example, their Instagram bio still says “We hope to open in early 2016.” It takes less than a minute to change that.

meet me at the wafflehouse

too bad, i was looking for a place to have a drink and watch the look on Currys face when lebron wins another and he realizes he was completely useless in the finals. How can you be an MVP and play like that? And then have your wifes mouth to deal with.. he blew it man

The Lowery Owners

No just this Monday. If we gave away free food every Monday we’d be out of business. Come on down and bring your friends!

Big Joe

Hey The Lowery Owners. I walked by and saw your menu. There are about 9 types of food on your menu. Less than Bar 43. We waited all this time for that. I wish you luck but put more food on the menu. I’m looking forward to the free food!

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Better a smaller, streamlined menu where they can focus their efforts on a few select dishes and ensure higher quality than one that’s all over the place with iffy results.

Southside Johnny

Back home, I use’ta get a great parsnip bisque. Good pub grub is like hen’s teeth around here.

Quality not volume

It’s better this way, Big Joe. Do a few things very well than everything mediocre. The good news is that if you want mediocre there’s plenty of it across the street!


We’ve all waited so long. Don’t disappoint us with over priced beer and way to fancy food.


Saw your menu. Extra $1 for cheese and another extra $1 for avocado on a $13 veggie burger. Really? And $7 for a Stella??? Still excited to give you guys a try, but will likely not be my “go-to” spot.

Del Toro

Best of luck to the owners. It seems bars do well in this neighborhood, but is it a bar or a restaurant? I haven’t seen too many places in this neighborhood that’s a bar and family friendly. Hopefully they won’t let people loiter out front like McGuinness’s and Greenpoint Lounge does. There are also few troublemakers who are regulars at certain other bars, hopefully they’ll stay away from this nice place.


Why would a bar be family-friendly? Aren’t they, by definition, a place to buy and drink alcohol? Is that a family activity? Maybe an Irish-style pub is what you’re thinking of, but that’s sort of a restaurant. What do the kids do if there’s no food? Watch the grown-ups get drunk?

Careful Reader

On the 43rd Ave. side, they have a mistake. It should say Queens’ The Lowery. It says Queen’s The Lowery. Which queen?

Sheila Ormstead

Who doesn’t enjoy a little dehumanizing hate speech, am I right anonymous posters? Especially when you don’t identify yourselves? Then it’s really enjoyable.


I didn’t dehumanize anyone. I’m free to laugh at whatever I want. Maybe if you laughed a little too you wouldn’t come off as such a grump.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Hate speech? Lighten up darling and get a sense of humor.

woodside guy

Queens was established in 1683, as one of the original 12 counties of New York and was named for the Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza (1638–1705), Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland.[5][6] It became a borough of New York City in 1898, and from 1683 until 1899, the County of Queens included what is now Nassau County. Wikipedia and they used no apostrophe:)


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