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Acclaimed Israeli Artist Paints Mural Featuring a Chicken on Queens Boulevard Wall

Mural painted by PESH located outside Mad for Chicken, a restaurant slated to open by the end of November (Photo: QueensPost )

Oct. 1, 2019 By Christian Murray

An Israeli artist on vacation has taken to the streets of Sunnyside and painted a colorful mural on an exterior wall located on Queens Boulevard.

Lior Bentov, who goes by the name of PESH and lives in Tel Aviv, was recruited by the new proprietors of a chicken restaurant slated to open on the southeast corner of 44th Street and Queens Boulevard.

The piece draws on past work PESH has done in Europe and the Middle East, and features bright colors and lines. However, for this mural the centerpiece is a chicken and a flower.

“We wanted something bright and something new for this corner and something about us,” said Joe Froman, a co-owner of Mad for Chicken, the name of the restaurant that is opening. “Sunnyside is getting nicer and nicer and we just wanted to add to it.”

Mad for Chicken, which also has a location on Northern Boulevard in Flushing, is taking over the space vacated by a Dave’s Bagels, Riko Peruvian Chicken and a hardware store. The eatery will be large, with 72 seats on the first floor and 48 seats in the basement.

Froman said that this is the first time they have brought on an artist to decorate a restaurant.

“We love it what he did. People keep commenting on how much they like it. Wow,” Froman said.

Co-owner Sean Cho, a Korean native, said that they aim to get the restaurant open by the end of November. He said that it would include 30 beers on tap and plenty of chicken.

“If you are looking for beer and chicken you should drop by when we open,” Cho said.

Mad for Chicken Joe Froman and Sean Cho admiring the work of PESH

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Gardens Watcher

Beautiful graphics! Reminds me of the work of the American illustrator Charlie Harper.

Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood!

Gardens Watcher

I said it “reminds” me of Harper’s work. That is a complement. Not accusing this artist of copying. Harper used abstract nature images too.

No need to be snarky. P.S. My eyes are fine.

Stacy Morgan

I hope he did not chArge for the job because if he did he would be another illegal immigrant taking jobs from American workers.

Tourist = tourist visa= can’t get compensated for work

Rotten Apple

This place is a good addition…the thing is that small business can’t afford rent anymore – this awesome neighborhood is turning into a big Tindergarden and rapidly losing its local feel….Just 5 or 6 years ago no one even knew where Sunnyside was located – they used to say “queens is so far”….Lol…unreal yelp-directed clones all cant take their eyes off their phones. Weird times.


This is a positive thing for the neighborhood. I really enjoy it, and smile when I walk by.


This wall is so beautiful! I’m so happy we’re getting a new restaurant and not another nail salon or .99 cent store.

Not Riko

“is taking over the space vacated by a Dave’s Bagels, Riko Peruvian Chicken and a hardware store.”

I thought Riko was at 46th and greenpoint?

Gardens Watcher

If you’re looking for it, the wall mural is actually on 44th Street, not Queens Boulevard.


I’m surprised Jimmy Van Bramer hasn’t asked to have his portrait painted on a wall in Sunnyside… There’s still time though folks.


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