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99c Fresh Pizza opened Tuesday with Expansion Plans

99c Fresh Pizza During Construction (Photo: QueensPost)

Feb. 15, 2012 By Christian Murray

99c Fresh Pizza opened on Tuesday selling pies and slices at discount prices.

The pizzeria, located at 41-10 49th Street, is selling 18 inch pies for $8.00 ($2.00 extra per topping) and a slice for 99 cents (plus 50 cents per topping).  It offers free delivery (718-507-9099).

“This [pizzeria] is the first of about 20 that we’re looking to open in Queens over next 2-3 years,” said Steve Nelson, one of three owners.  The next step is to open another pizzeria in Sunnyside–on the south side of Queens Blvd—with others in Woodside, Long Island City and Elmhurst.

Joe O’Sullivan, a Sunnyside resident and a co-owner, selected the 49th Street vacant store, and believes its located in a busy section of the neighborhood.

Nelson said the three owners bought the license to operate under the name from Brian Harley who owns the brand.

99c Fresh Pizza has built a name for itself in Manhattan, where it has established eight locations.

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Love the new look, and the pizza is great.
Better than any $1 slice in Manhattan.
Good luck with the new brand




now its no longer part of the chain.. they painted over FRESH and now have a new logo on menu… what happpened?


99cent pizza should not cost you $1.00. Sign for slice says 99cents when you hand them a dollar its a THANK YOU and if you hand them $5 you get 4 singles back… its not the penny,, its the point! feel disrespected and taken.. lost my 98 cents on the next slice cause im not going back.. silly to do to the consumer.


Tried it…not bad at all for the price. Seriously, you can’t beat that. My kids liked it and it will be our Friday night take out from now on. Hope they do well.

Simone S.

There was a long wait tonight… they were having an issue with Con Ed or something. I got one of the last slices… it was good, especially for the price!! The owners were super nice… I will definitely be ordering pies when I have my kids birthday parties and stuff… can’t beat $8 bucks a pie.


we all know what good pizza tastes like, its that sometimes people will sacrifice good taste for a great price. Now this 99 cents pizzeria actually sells decent slices. its spicy, tastes good and for the price who can say no? i mean a full pie 8 bux?? c’mon you cant beat that, and its not like the pizza is horrible. its good. so stop hating on these places and just give it a chance rather than hopelessly promoting your favorite brand of pizza “Frank”


Sunnyside Pizza is the best–no comparison. They use fresh, high quality ingredients. It’s worth whatever they charge. These 99 cent places (and most other places) use crappy cheese and lousy sauce. It’s a shame that since most people don’t know good pizza, they just settle for the terrible stuff that’s out there. If not for Sunnyside Pizza, I’d have to go all the way to Rosa’s in Maspeth for a real slice.


Had the pizza today. I have to say it was better than I thought it would be. The guys behind the counter were friendly and extremely fast in making a pie. Since all the pizza in this area is just Okay, I’ll be going back. It’s not great pizza but it’s not bad. Plus when you add the cheap price it makes it even better.


Cheap pizza right next to Murphy’s—they should stay in business just fine.

Interested to see how well they compete with that new place on Skillman. (Whenever that opens.)

Off topic: I noticed a karate studio opened up on Skillman. Any word on that?


I will give it a shot for sure, I love to try new places, just not sure if the business model is sustainable is all.


IrishSunnysider –

Most of the 99cent pizzas I’ve seen are in seriously high volume streets, like St. Marks. I wouldn’t be surprised if on a Saturday night they bring in a few grand. I just wonder if there’s enough volume in Sunnyside for them to bring the money in.

The 99 cent pizzas I’ve had in Manhattan are pretty decent. I mean, they aren’t nearly as good as some of our local stops as they don’t do more ‘artisinal” pizzas, but not bad for a cheap quick eat.


I’ve always wondered how many slices they have to sell to make a profit.

I also hope their ingrediants are up to par, they are competing with established places like Sunnyside Pizza, and you always go on taste with Pizza.

Still, they are undercutting Sunnyside Pizza’s prices by more than half ($1 to $2.50) so maybe it will work.


This sounds like a great deal. Can’t wait to get a pie!!! Good Luck !!! Woodside will be a great location too.


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