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99 Cent Store Closes, Cites High Rent

Grand 99 Cent Store (2012) (Photo: QueensPost)

May 9, 2012 Staff Report

Even 99 cent stores are struggling to pay the rent.

Yesterday, Grand 99 Cent Store, located at 45-24 46th Street, closed its doors claiming it did not earn enough pennies each month to pay $17,000 in rent.

The owner of the store put a sign in the store window directing customers to her other location, 99 cent Paradise, at 42-06 Greenpoint Ave.

The owner of the two stores said the lease at Grand 99 Cent was coming to an end and that it was going to be raised beyond $17,000. “We figured it would be about $19,000 including real estate taxes,” she said.

Therefore, she decided to consolidate the two Sunnyside operations into the one location.

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This was the worse 99 cents store ever. You went in one day and paid $1.19 for an item only to go back tomorrow and pay double that…they always made up prices off the top of their head. 99 cent paradise used to be a good store until these people bought it..not all they sell is garbage…none of which I might add is 99 cents


45-01 Greenpoint Avenue is the address used by Ave Coffee House on the corner of 45th Street, which suggests that all the stores in the block to the corner of 46th Street, and then down 46th Street to Queens Boulevard, have the same landlord. In some cases, there are also premises above the stores that are rented out as business offices or meeting rooms. At least one Asian church holds services there.

Long Time Resident

When people scream and shout about how much they hate 99 cent stores, how trashy they are, etc., I have to wonder how completely out of touch these people are. A good many people shop in 99 cent stores because they have to.

I think some very privileged people forget just how expensive this city is, and how a 40K a year salary that will get you a pretty comfortable living with money put in to savings every month is a salary that in New York requires you to have roommates, put 50% of your income towards housing, and shop at 99 cent stores.


The closed store on 46th Street is part of a parcel of 25 non-residential units with an overall address of 45-01 Greenpoint Avenue. According to NYC Property Search, the package has a current estimated market value of $11.55 million, and is owned by Cameo Holding LLC, which uses a mailing address on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, Queens.


$17,000 per month for that hole in the wall? I don’t believe it. That would be $204,000 per year. The store would have to gross at least $559 per day just to pay the rent.


I actually like 99 cent paradise. It is probably the only 99 cent store I go into.

you all make me laugh

Hey if Brooklyn doesn’t want Hooters I say bring them to 46th street! I am guessing a chain like that can swing $19 k a month in rent.


Webley, that 99 cents store has been open for at least a decade. I remember shopping there when I was a kid

Some of you need to take a chill pill. Or get a massage or something. Can’t believe a trivial thing like a 99 cents store draws so much ire from you people.


What are you talking about NRO, shoe store is still there.
Screw these piece of crap 99 cent stores. Didn’t they know what the rent was, they thought they could screw the neighborhood with their crappy sh*t. I really hope they all close down. I am surprised South Pole crap is still there. God knows how much the landlord is backing that business… or maybe they own the lot, who knows.

tupac wannabe

over by 47th ave by the cemetary i ran into a 99 cent hooker. At least that’s what she advertised but when it came time to pay, damn, a lot more! Just like the 99 cent stores, we need some guidelines set JVB!


If a store can’t make it with a prime location on 46st right next to the subway, something is wrong.

There is no such thing as a 99cents store anymore. It’s been a good few years since their prices went above a dollar. My objection is that they don’t put the prices on things. Some things are 1.99 some are 5.99, you just don’t know. You can’t assume like the good old days of ten years ago that everything in the store is 99cents.


During my experiences, both stores have increased prices as soon as you get to the register. I have felt very taken advantage of when shopping at 99¢ Paradise. After 2 years, I thought I’d give them another chance and just last week I purchased a Mylar balloon for a child’s bday. I noticed when I got home that the balloon was half deflated. I went back to ask if I could get some more helium in the balloon and was told if the balloon was fine when I left that they held no responsibility. They left me with a holey balloon with no helium that I could not possibly bring to a party. I thought it was petty and they certainly loss my family’s business. I am all for supporting small businesses but not when I feel they cheat their customers.


Not a fan of 99¢ Paradise..just last week they refused to put more helium in the holey mylar balloon I purchased from them. I am all for contributing to small businesses but when they give the excuse ” Sorry the balloon was inflated when you left the store so it is not our responsibility if it has a hole…”I will no longer shop at 99¢ Paradise.


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