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7-train weekend service between Queensboro Plaza and Hudson Yards to be down in March

Feb. 27, 2017 Staff Report

Weekend 7-train service between Queensboro Plaza and 34th Street-Hudson Yards will be down for the month of March.

The MTA announced that the closures are needed to test the new communications system it is installing. Called the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) the system is expected to help increase 7-train reliability and add service.

“A safe, reliable Flushing Line is critical to the growth of Queens and these projects are critical to the future of the line,” New York City Transit Acting President Darryl Irick said in a statement.

According to the announcement, 7 trains will run between Flushing and Queensboro Plaza, but not beyond, on the weekends of March 3 to 6, March 10 to 13, March 17 to 20 and March 24 to 27 between 11:30 p.m. on Friday to 5 a.m. on Monday.

The MTA will provide free shuttle service at Queensboro Plaza, Queens Plaza, Court Square, Hunters Point Avenue, and Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue stations to get riders to the N and W lines at Queensboro Plaza and back.

The N and W will take riders to Manhattan.

During the weekends with outages, the W train will run to provide increased capacity for the line in to Manhattan.

The MTA is planning similar weekend outages on the weekends of October 20 to 23, October 27 to 30, November 10 to 13 and November 17 to 20 in the fall to continue working on the upgrades.


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Of course. Will the 7 train ever work? Always problems every single day. I have to always leave 20 to 30 min early to go to work -.- so annoying

Haterz gonna hate hate hate

in the am we get trains every few mins or less which is pretty amazing – a little weekend disruption sucks but so be it if it keeps us moving M-F

Quit conplaining, the weathers getting nice you can get some exercise and walk to queens plaza in 20mins


Just have the Mets play 52 weekends a year. Problem solved!

Or just make Flushing the home of the Mets, Islanders & The New York City Football club. The 7 would never be shot down again!!!!!


When I gotta get to Brooklyn, I transfer from the 7 to the N and then get the 6 at 59th. It’s just as fast, if not faster, then riding the 7 into Grand Central.

7 train is #1 in our ?

Stop complaining that the train needs upgrades. Your probably not even inconvenienced. All you people do is complain. That 7 train is one of the better lines, people are spoiled. Shut up. Its like peoples eyes light up when they see “7 train service to be interrupted this weekend” half you people are home on the weekend. All ss people do is piss and moan. Dont you have something better to do like go to the lbgt irish st Patty’s day parade and go hit all those bars and get drunk. Stop whining already. Stop the crying.

Sunnyside Sam

Something tells me you don’t take the 7 train. You are probably retired, a housewife, or bitter and unemployed. The 7 train is the only method of transportation for sunnyside other than busses that take longer than riding your bike, and you have to wait in line to board packed busses. You don’t seem to understand the mismanagement and abuse that occurs in the MTA.

I’ve seen 8 guys “working” on the line. One was smoking a cigar, two others were watching, three were sitting on the platform snacking, while one guy dug a ditch and the other handed him the shovel. I purposefully watched them for a half hour and let two trains go by. They spend money to extend lines and create new ones for rich people. Meanwhile, the 7 train is under constant maintenance and it’s the only efficient and fast method of transport to manhattan.

And you complain about the complainers.


They only want young healthy people who ride bikes or hike into Manhattan. C’mon! If you are anything else you are supposed to leave your affordable home and go live in Podunk. Figure out how to make ends meet once you get there or die fast. Its so simple.Then they will have the population that puts money in the city coffers. After all life is business and in business you cut under-performing assets asap!


It _was_ one of the better trains, not now. Suspensions on the weekend and during the week. This ‘signal repair’ has gone on for a few years. Trains delays for multiple reasons. At any time of day, the 7 is packed – 10 pm at night, weekends. Getting drunk does not help.


Will this inconvenience to Sunnysiders never end? During every weekend in February, stations were closed on the Flushing-bound side. And during every week, stations are closed in one direction or the other from 10:30am to 3:00pm.
The system has only three tracks between Queens Plaza and Flushing, and just two between QP and the Manhattan terminal. Why should this work be taking so many years now?


There has been major work of one kind or another going on since I was taking the train back in the mid eighties. It may be more expensive here but this is Queens home of the third class citizens. Manhattan is first Brooklyn is second and we are third. This will never change no matter how well our representatives dress.They get the same pay as their Manhattan brethren. Life is good for them. When the train stinks they have limo vouchers and don’t have to pay the $8 toll they are slavering to slap on all of us.


Thing is, Sunnyside wants to remain in the 1950’s. The conveniences and culture available in Manhattan and Brooklyn are not wanted here. I remember when you couldn’t buy fresh thyme in Sunnyside. It wasn’t that long ago. Only recently could you buy an antibiotic and hormone free organic chicken, albeit in plastic package after being brined to add additional weight. No mainstream or eclectic apparel. Nothing. Everything caters to the poor or poorish middle class. 99 cent stores, nail salons, cheap Chinese clothes and shoes, and twenty chain pharmacies. Everyone sleeps in Sunnyside, and lives in manhattan. It’s been like this for decades.

There still isn’t a quarter of the boutiques or specialty stores or restaurants/ bars that have existed in Brooklyn forever. Hell, even Astoria is more attractive in that regard. It has a nice green park next to the river and more variety and better restaurants than Sunnyside, hands down, even if you include rice and beans joints. It doesn’t even have a decent movie theater.

This is the framework of capitalism. Queens will always be third, and even fourth in some instances. Sunnyside wants to remain a single family dwelling neighborhood stuck in a time warp. It’s the least desired place to live for those outside of NYC. And long time residents of Sunnyside like it that way.


For most of these March weekends, Flushing-bound trains continue to run express past the Sunnyside stations. So, instead of taking the 7 home from work near Times Square, I will take the N to QBP, the 7 to Woodside 61st, and the 7 back to 46th. Couldn’t they get it down to ONE service interruption on the line at a time?

Fiorello LaGuardia

They built the Empire State Bldg in a year and a half. The mooks @ the MTA have been working on the 7 train for decades…..


That’s a brilliant analogy! You should figure out one that compares maintenance on the #7 to the Apollo moon mission before someone beats you to it.


Relax, another 20 years and CBTC will be fully installed and ready to go, it will be obsolete by then but that’s the MTA way.


The MTA should really be in the hands of NYCers not people in Albany. People in Albany don’t use the train daily.


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