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7 Train Shaken By Mechanical Problems During Evening Commute, Service Briefly Halted


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Feb. 16, 2016 By Jackie Strawbridge

7 train service was halted during the afternoon commute today, after a Queens-bound train suffered what passengers described as an adrenaline-inducing incident.

According to the MTA, the train had a “mechanical problem” at the Hunters Point Avenue stop at 4:30 p.m.

Service was suspended between Queensboro Plaza and 34th Street in Manhattan, in both directions, and resumed at 4:55 p.m., an MTA spokesperson said.

Straphangers subsequently took to social media, some describing the incident as an “explosion.”

The MTA spokesperson said that “it was not an explosion,” although “they may have heard a noise.”

Jennifer Hsu, who works on Vernon Boulevard and was on the train at the time, said she heard a “loud boom” and saw “white smoke” after the train pulled into Hunters Point Avenue.

“Just as the doors opened, we heard the boom,” she said. “Nobody knew what was going on.”

“It was definitely scary, but I think honestly people’s reactions were scarier than the actual incident,” she added. “It was like a stampede – some people were pushing and yelling and just trying to get up those stairs.”

No injuries resulted from this incident, according to the MTA.

As of this writing, the express 7 train remains out of service.

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David Wolberg

I lived in Woodside for 6 years and 7 train always had issues, but I see that it is worse than ever now. MTA constantly does track work on 7 train, but service never improves. What are they fixing? Absolutely nothing.

Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr.

That is one of the major problems for the aging NYC Subway to face every single day.


7:30 pm and the platform of #7 at grand central was over crowded. A train to Hudson yards sitting in station with no sign of moving. Throughout this two fools playing music (so loud. With a microphone) and we could not hear any of the mta announcements. And nobody told them to stop playing. WHY? Went to 59 St and took the Q32 home. Away yes. But the music pissed me more than anything else.

woodside guy

and the “developers” continue to advertise 900 foot tall buildings in Court Square as being 5 minutes from Manhattan. Should be sued fpor false advertising


I was at 5th ave at 4:10 after 10 minutes they announced no service in either direction, a minute later a Hudson Yard train arrived, followed by another in 10 minutes. With that I tried the M train, turns out the E and M are out as well. As I type this the MTA.INFO site says delays on the 7 due to signal problems, and delays on the E & M because of a rail problem. Must be due to warm weather. Great job MTA.


Guess it’s a good thing that I left work late and missed this one.
No, no. Correction. I’m on the 7 train now, nearly 7 pm and we’re not moving. “Signal malfunctions at Main Street.”
TOTAL FREAKING CRAP, MTA. I’ve been far too patient, we all have. Fix this piece of $hít. You are costing me too many hours of my life.
Suck it MTA. SUCK IT.


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