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7 Line May Not See Express Service For Weeks Due To ‘Significant Infrastructure Work’

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Jan. 15, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

Parts of the 7 line may go up to weeks without express service as the MTA undergoes infrastructure work along the line.

Express trains will be making local stops between 74 St. – Broadway and Queensboro Plaza, with express service between Main Street and 74th Street, only, according to the MTA.

The service change, due to track work at the Woodside – 61 St. station, is expected to be in effect between Feb. 17 and March 12, the Daily News reported, citing MTA documents.

Construction crews along the 7 line in Woodside over the weekend.

But the MTA said the dates for the change of service have not been decided on yet.

“We have significant infrastructure work to do along the 7 line but dates and plans have not been finalized,” said MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek. “Many riders will not be impacted, but we will of course accommodate riders as needed.”

The MTA added that riders along local stops will see more trains and more frequent service during the service change.

The 7 line runs local on weekends, during mid-day, and in all of Manhattan.

Frequent service changes have plagued the 7 line over the course of several years as the MTA has worked to bring an updated signal system, Communications-Based Train Control, to the line. The MTA projected a completion date for the project toward the end of 2017, but records show that the CBTC system is now planned to be in service by the second quarter of 2018.

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Good, it should be like this all the time. Extremely sick of waiting 8 or 10 minutes for a train at 52nd street during rush hour. People from Flushing getting to work faster than me! More local trains now and always.

George Heerdt

Let’s move into the 21st century and turn 7line into a monorail mag-lev and extend out to border of Qns/Nassau, eventuallydoing away with our glorified trolley system and convert all of NYC subway system to monorail/mag-lev, and create jobs to accomplish this goal. Perhaps build it above ground, and use subway system to move freight?


you’re kidding, right? the so called improvements are bare minimum to get the stinky trains moving again. the corruption in the MTA is at such a high level, that there hasn’t been any real improvement besides air conditioning since the subway began.


A Queens man suffered a one-two punch when a homeless shelter resident struck him in the face — then cops refused to put key details of the assault in their report and closed the investigation in one day, the Daily News has learned.

Edward Karakash, 29, said the man called him a “cracker” and slugged him outside of the Queens Blvd. car repair shop where he works, on Dec. 18.

The auto shop near 54th St. in Sunnyside is adjacent to a Quality Inn which the city has converted into a homeless shelter.


This has nothing to do with the topic of this article and I see you are posting it everywhere, regardless of its relevancy. There’s certainly more to this story that you’re letting on; you’re just trying to demean ALL homeless people as being the same and asserting that they’re all bad and unworthy of social assistance. Stop it.


It should be mentioned that they found major structural defects at the 61 Street Station and is why trains have been running slow through it.


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