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7-Eleven to Open on Queens Boulevard Mid-January

Photo: QueensPost

Jan. 2, 2012 By Christian Murray

The manager of the Mobile station on Queens Blvd. and 44th Street is revamping the gas station’s convenience store, by converting its “On the Run” operation to a 7-Eleven franchise.

The On the Run store is a Mobile-sponsored venture that is largely based in Missouri. The brand name in Sunnyside and the Northeast is limited. Presently, the store is slowly being emptied out, while the manager converts it into a 7-Eleven by the middle of January.  7 Elevens are best known for hot dogs, soda, coffee and slurpees.

7-Eleven, as a corporation, has been seeking growth across the US by generating business from, among other items, gas stations with convenience-stores or kiosks.

Under the terms of these deals, store owners operate their business as normal—with the help of 7 Eleven- and pay an ongoing franchise fee.

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Michele FromWestern Queens

They do have GREAT coffee! IMHO, better than Dunkins. And I can get a fruit cup or my favorite yogurt walking home from the gym. So I for one am happy they’re here.


Big deal! Doesn’t Sunnyside already have two branches of Citibank, one on each side of Queens Boulevard? Citibank seems all too happy to handle our money, but what does it pay back to community service?


7-11’s typically double with citibank atm as well so that’s a bonus for anyone who has citibank cards.


I’m not a 90 degree corner guy, this is a good lot to cut across when heading from 42nd over to NY Style Eats. Really, I got nothin else to say about this story.


Pedestrians need to be extra careful while walking through this block, keeping an eye on both cars puling in and leaving. 7 Eleven has such a devoted following that traffic is certain to increase considerably over what it was in the past.

Casey's On Greenpoint

This will be cool. I love the nachos late at night after boozin it up. Slushies in the summer. An occasional hot dog. It will be a big improvement over On The Run.


7-11 has better brand name recognition than mobil on the run.. alot more people will stop in on the 7-11 that are on the road. there are plenty in conn. plus there is one by the entrance of the bqe down queens blvd they have a wide variety of everything.. supplies.. once people get to know it is here

great job of reporting on a news tip…


7-Eleven’s are popping up all over the place. Now I know where to get my slushie fix this summer.

Just Looking

I think the patrons of the seven eleven will be the truckers and drivers, no? And many of them will be coming and going between the BQE, the LIE, Northern Blvd. and the Queenboro (not the EIKoch) Bridge. That’s my guess. It is basically aimed at people passing through, not those who live here. I think.


That’s cool.
I am not sure if it will make a lot of money because people on the west of the block walk to 40th and east of the block walk to 46th station, so there isn’t much traffic since there are dunkin donuts on both sides. It is going to be tough.. Especially with the gas station’s gas being much more expensive than others..


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