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50 Jobs on Offer at Deal$ Store

Deal$ store in Sunnyside hiring (Photo: QueensPost)

Oct. 31, 2011 By Christian Murray

Deal$, the discount store under construction at the site of the former Master Billiards, is hiring.

The company placed a table outside the store late last week where job seekers can apply for a job. The table–plus the hiring effort–is continuing through to the end of this week.

A security officer at the table said that approximately 50 employees would be needed to fully staff the store.

The inside of the store still appears to be midway through construction. However, the security officer said that management was hopeful it would be open some time in November.

There is a Deal$ store, similar to the one proposed in Sunnyside, in the strip mall to the east of Woodside Avenue on Northern Blvd. Many argue that it sells products of better manufacturing quality than a typical 99-cent store.

Deal$ store under construction for reported November opening (Photo: QueensPost)

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cool, i’ve been looking for a 99 cent suit!!! I’m livin the goddam 99 cent life now!!! Thanks van bremer!!!


I am glad that people are getting jobs – any jobs. But can’t we do better than a bunch of 99 cent stores? That is also a more desolated part of Queens Boulevard. I wish it could be built up more.


Can’t wait for that 99c store to open I’m nearly out of dish soap. Need to collect about twenty more cans this recycling day!!! Hope they have some cheap tube socks, mine have holes in them already.

Thanks John for the infomercial on BID – I’m totally 101% behind them all the way, yeah! Great year for BID and an awesome year for 99C stores in Pennyside, Queens. W00t!


I had no idea this store would be supplying the neighborhood with so many jobs. While I’m not a fan of any more 99cent stores, I’m happy to see this one is adding something!


And by the way, what else would go in that Deals space but low-wage retail jobs/or restaurant jobs?


Well Deals is a different animal really, since it is part of the largest dollar store chain in the U.S., Deals is really more like Woolworths of yore (i.e. a variety store). Not defending it per se, but more promising than it might appear.

However, that damn other store is truly crap (has anyone seen their windows, piled high with dish soap?). That should have stayed a restaurant of some sort.


“Two new stores plus many jobs coming to Sunnyiside. BID is delivering.”

This is a joke…right? Delivering two 99 cent stores with part-time hours and extremely low wages is delivering?


Two new stores plus many jobs coming to Sunnyiside. BID is delivering.

The BID has an annual budget of nearly $300,000. However, all but $90,000 is spent on fixed costs—such as sanitation (cleaning crew), holiday lights (a requirement), salaries, rent and insurance.

The BID said $50,000 of the $90,000 would go toward its marketing programs, with $40,000 for beautification and streetscaping. The allocation for beautification and streetscaping is up from $5,500 in 2010/11.

The BID conducted a number of marketing projects in 2010/11; programs that it will most likely roll over into 2011/12.

The Taste of Sunnyside, where 18 restaurants participated in a food tasting event

An August concert series, title “Summer Streets”, held every Saturday during that month. This year there was the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Concert and performances by groups such as Astrograss and Jawbone.
Two TV commercials, one advertising “Summer Streets” and the other the “Taste of Sunnyside”

Holiday lights on Greenpoint Ave and Queens Blvd. (not part of marketing budget)

Free pictures with Santa; 600 families participated.

$5 coupons were distributed. 405 coupons were used.
Flower baskets

Graffiti clean ups within the district. Next year, Bray said, the BID will attempt to clean above the stores.

“In my opinion this has been a great year for Sunnyside considering the economic environment,” said John Vogt, the chairman of the BID. “The number of vacancies is quite low compared to other parts of the city

Jim Bob

Will The former location of Casa Romana, which is going to be a 99cent/discount store, hire 50 more?


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