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15-Year-Old Boy Loses Arm After Being Struck by Train at 74th Street-Roosevelt Ave Station

A 15-year-old boy had his arm severed by a train Monday morning after he fell onto the tracks at the 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue subway station in what may have been a case of subway surfing (Photo: Citizen)

Aug .29, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

A 15-year-old boy had his arm severed by a train Monday morning after he fell onto the tracks at the 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue subway station in what may have been a case of subway surfing.

The boy fell from a northbound R train at around 10:25 a.m. inside the station. The train then struck him, slicing off his left arm, police said.

The victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital where he is currently listed as being in a stable condition, according to police.

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the victim had been subway surfing prior to falling onto the tracks. The NYPD was unable to provide further details as to the circumstances leading up to the incident.

Northbound M and R trains temporarily bypassed the station following the incident while E/F/M/R trains were running with delays in both directions, according to the MTA.

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Sara Ross

How soon before the parents sue the MTA? The gates they want to put up on the platform is another waste of money. The orange/yellow strips at the edge of the platforms are there for a reason – to stand behind them! Also, I’ve seen too many people stand too close to the edge, looking down at their phones and with headphones on. When are people going to start being responsible for their own safety and stop being idiots?


Across queens county, each and every day, teens go subway surfing, lose a limb and ruin a commuter’s day.

Rita S.

Why do these kids continue to do this ? I hope this boy learned his lesson .His life was spared but not his arm but maybe this needed to happen to make him stop .

Brandon Magoo

this should not come as a shock. have you seen how dumb they are? schools no longer teach. you go to school these days for CRT training and to be converted into a drag queen.

Why are you blaming the schools?

It starts in the home!!! Parents need to parent their children. These aren’t sea monkeys they ordered!!! Stop trying to be your kid’s best friend! Stop buying them crap to make them go away.


That’s if you go to school, otherwise you’re staying home (or go surfing the subway train) “learning” in front of a computer with a triple mask…


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