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15-Year-Old-Boy in Critical Condition After Hitting Head While Surfing Atop 7 Train in Corona

A 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after he struck his head while subway surfing atop a 7 train in Corona Thursday. File photo of 7 train at the 111th Street Station (Photo: Wikipedia)

June 24, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

A 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after he struck his head while subway surfing atop the elevated 7 train in Corona Thursday.

The victim, police say, was on the roof of a Manhattan-bound 7 train when his head hit an object as it pulled into the 111th Street station. Police say the teen had been hopping from car to car, a daredevil tactic known as subway surfing.

Police found the victim unconscious with severe head injuries lying on top of the train at around 6:10 p.m.

He was transported by EMS to Elmhurst Hospital where he remains listed as being in a critical condition. The horrid incident was posted on social media.

Pat Warren, the MTA’s chief safety and security officer, warned thrill-seeking subway surfers to think twice before getting on top of a train.

“Riding on top of a subway car is reckless, extremely dangerous and inconsiderate as it causes significant delays for other New Yorkers,” Warren said in a statement.

“Seeking a thrill that promises heartache for family and friends is foolhardy; choose other avenues to have some fun, ones that demonstrate respect for those you care about.”

There has been an uptick in subway surfing in recent weeks with many Queens residents posting about it on social media. One resident posted a video of several young men surfing the 7 train by the 46th street station last week.


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Omg really stupidity at its best. I am sorry but this is just an accident waiting to happen.


Too bad, I feel sad for this kid’s family. What can we do? Punish someone? Add more law enforcement? Redesign the train so it’s too difficult to ride up on top?

Prison time, it is ilegal, isnt it?

It’s likely that each and everyone of us did something stupid at that age, however, there are levels and I am sorry, but this is beyond stupid. If anything, the “survivor” kids should have punished with prison time. That’s the only way certain people learn.


I heard his aunt say that’s what kids do. No they don’t! He was brought up poorly. Now what are you going to do get some sleezy plaintiffs lawyer that you saw on some late night commercial and sue the city?

He's not a victim.

He did this to himself. No one told him to subway surf. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

He’s not a victim. No GoFundMe for the ‘deliberator’

Johnny Cakes

I’m shocked they removed him from the top of the train like that without stabilizing him first.

No one surfed a train better than Inca, lol


This is why i do not agree with the city confiscating dirt bikes. They have nothing to do now and get into trouble.

What do you mean now?

Even with the bikes they still subway surfed! Where have you been???


There’s plenty for them to do…lots of businesses are looking to hire. Almost every restaurant is seeking help…but a job isn’t always fun after all.


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