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The Phase out of Opaque Gates Begins

Transparent Roll Down Gates at I Love Paraguay (Photo: QueensPost)

July 2, 2011 Staff Report

The first step toward the phase out of the metal roll-down gate, part of New York City’s landscape for decades, began on Friday (July 1), when a recent law went into effect requiring all new gates to be partially transparent

All businesses will ultimately have to replace their current opaque gates, but have until July 1, 2026 to do so.

The City Council voted in 2009 to ban the solid gates as a quality of life measure.

Public Safety Committee Chair Peter Vallone, Jr., said at the time that the gates attracted graffiti and transformed city blocks into “dark, graffiti-strewn metal alleyways” when they were rolled down at night.

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Bliss & Skillman

Seems a little lame to enact a law like this and then give a business owner 15 years to comply?


And with the turnover rate in the area? It’s quite the joke.

Aileen Mahmoodi

so if instead, i walked around at night with a paint bucket and roller and painted over graffiti instead of creating it… then what?

still destruction of property…?


It’s against the law – don’t do it. If you really have artistic talent, take classes and work in a studio or gallery and display. Don’t destroy other people’s property. We pay taxes to have the stuff cleaned up.

Aileen Mahmoodi

if i dont have to feel threatened or uncomfortable then why did the comments proceed to escalate?
its evident that im not some ghetto hood rat off the streets.

there are rules to this shit, just like everything else.
DONE RIGHT meaning
not on private owned houses, garages, fences, cars/vans, parks, handball walls…
anyone who vandalizes any of that and has no other big spots (ie. on the 7 line) is new to the game and is wrong for doing it and it probably looks like chicken scratch because they cant get to or dont know how to get to hit the spots that actually matter.
7 train roofs are definitely the spots to hit along with stores facing major streets like skillman, queens blvd, greenpoint, woodside, roosevelt. those spots are hard to catch, thats why they do it… the risk, the fame, less of a chance of someone taking your shit out and covering it with theirs.

you guys sound like you only know as much about it as you see. it is an art, there are different mediums, it does take skill.
for a piece to come out clean, nice layer of even paint, colored in the lines, all apart of a tag that has a nice style… it takes work to get to that. graffiti artists dont just take their paint and head out… they perfect their style, get the letters looking how they want.
they create big filled in pieces that can be seen from blocks away in just a matter of minutes. its not just spray paint its makers, krink, some even make their own ink and put together their own mops. their are effects, drips, shadows, force fields, flares… a whole lot more than i can explain

graffiti takes ignorance, balls, and a hell of a lot of talent. not everyone can do it. and not everyone should. vandals dont even like other vandals work, they tell each other straight up their shiit looks bad. we dont encourage others to do it either, less spots makes it harder to get big.

raquel, im an under age drinker … are you gonna tell me it started from when i was 1 drinking out of a bottle?
some shit doesnt work that way.

and krissi i agree it takes a village to raise a child… all these graffiti complaints make the neighborhood go harder to clean it all up, tougher punishments… it really isnt helping them. if theyre young they’ll get community service, where they’ll meet other vandals and probably make plans to meet up after. 18+ get hit with class D felonies… which is a little much for a non violent crime… that shit can really fuck them over in the future
not a lot of people know that they are really cracking the whip on graff… it used to be a slap on the wrist, you keep the complaints up kids that get knocked for graff now can do some serious time

look, dont get me wrong, im not saying its worth it or that it’s right because seriously, its not. but dont go making threats about putting people in bags and sending them down the east river because youre mad.
ALSO dont call it ugly just because the kids that do it on your property cant finesse!!


The new business occupying the old Diving Bell spot just installed the largest opaque roll down gate I’ve ever seen. Sigh.


Aileen, if you provide your home address im sure some of the readers would be happy to come by and decorate and beautify your property – i promise it will be “done right!”


I actually agree with Raquel here. If you can’t tell the difference between the art on say, 5 Points or some of the local commissioned graffiti (Sunnyside does have some good ones), and the crap some stupid kids run around spray painting (seriously, what kind of person tags a children’s mural by the school?) you are blind.

The kids who do this awful tagging obviously have no respect for anyone but themselves… the more we as a neighborhood show that we CARE about our area by cleaning up the little stuff and going after taggers, perhaps the more these “kids” come to learn what respect is and become proud community citizens.

It takes a village to raise a child.


Graffiti, broken windows, bottles in the street – yes, it starts with petty crime and escalates.


yeah, really. tag up your own property all you want. why not do it on some type of canvas? not everyone wants to see that sh*t plastered all over the neighborhood. you’re an idiot if you think it’s okay to graf on public property.



What exactly do you mean “when done right?” Does that mean on anybody else’s property but yours.

There’s a proper place for bad art, they’re called modern art museums.


Aileen Manmoodi I am not narrowed minded. I have a lot of respect for all the viewers on this site. You donot have to feel threatned , or uncomfortable. just be yourself. Have a nice day enjoy the 4th

Aileen Mahmoodi

im not about to write that essay on this site and get harassed by a bunch of narrow minded adults

you can email me if you really want an answer to that
[email protected]


Aileen, when do you find graffiti appealing? what is your opinion on it? Usually it turns people off when they see it on iron gates and then people will not want to invest in our town. You seem like a reasonably intelligent person.

Aileen Mahmoodi

im very much aware of what graffiti is… spare me the lecture.
and i dont find it ugly, never did(not when done right).

i dont like people saying that people “…should be thrown in a burlap sack with a rattle snake and ferret and thrown down the east river.”

*sarcastically concerned voice* would you like it if someone said that about you??
yeah, see how that tactic doesnt work. mind your neck randall… youre talking about something i have way more knowledge about vs your opinion “its ugly.”

ask around

Yes graffiti is an assault on property….

,……. but no where near, in any shape form or fashion, a bigger problem then Drugs, and other crime in our neighborhood.



Aileen, graffiti is an assault on property and it makes the neighborhood ugly. If you are an ex-graffiti person you should repent and realize how ugly it is. Would you like it if people got up in the middle of the night and did that to your house? Putting graffiti is a CRIME!


I wonder who the other people in the story are and where this picture was taken. is it in astoria?


Is part of what sunnyside shines is paying 1,ooo dollars for to help store owers who are bid members only. Pllease correct me If I am wrong


Graffiti vandals should be tied up in a burlap bag with a rattle snake and a ferret and thrown in the east river.


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