Resident captures photo of apparent graffiti vandal

April 20, By Christian Murray

A photo was shot of a man spray-painting the exterior wall of a Sunnyside grocery store earlier this month.

The alleged vandal, who was with his girlfriend, was tagging the wall outside Sunnyside Market at 42-08 43rd Street at about 8:00 am on April 8,…

Construction of neighborhood ‘slow zone’ has begun

April 19, By Christian Murray

It’s time to take the foot of the gas.

The Department of Transportation has started work on a 50-block slow zone that incorporates the northern section of Sunnyside and parts of Woodside.

The zone—called the “Sunnyside Gardens-Woodside Slow Zone–is the second to come to the neighborhood in the past six months.…

Thomas Noonan Playground officially reopens, tribute paid to veterans

April 14, By Christian Murray

The official ribbon cutting at the newly revamped Thomas P. Noonan Playground took place today with politicians, war veterans and children in attendance.

The playground, which reopened last week, underwent a $2 million upgrade that features new play equipment (see previous coverage)—as well as two monuments placed in honor of the men from Sunnyside who were killed in Vietnam.…