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Sunnyside pays tribute to late jazz legend who lived on 46th Street

Bix_Beiderbecke_croppedAugust 3, By Christian Murray

Sunnyside Shines hosted the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Concert underneath the Sunnyside Arch yesterday.

The concert, a big draw for residents and Beiderbecke fans throughout the Tri-state area, marked the 83rd anniversary since the jazz legend died in his 43-30 46th Street apartment on Aug. 6, 1931. He was 28.

The event featured the Sunnyside Social Club, a group of residents who play classic blues to reworked modern pop songs, and the Sunnyside Wolverines.

The Sunnyside Wolverines, which is organized by Paul Maringelli, a Sunnyside jazz fanatic, played Beiderbecke hits as well as other popular compositions from the 1920s.

The following videos were provided by Joe Depace and George Burles.


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  1. August 2nd is close enough

  2. finally an article from this blog about something positive. always articles about crime and violence.

  3. This is a wonderful event and a credit to the neighborhood. Glad to see so many people attending and enjoying. A great reason to check out Sunnyside.

  4. There’s things that need addressing, Ain’t nobody got time for Jazz !

  5. This was a great event. I love Sunnyside Social Club and hope they keep doing their thing.

    Also, the photobooth at this event was a nice touch. Thanks to all who made it happen.

  6. Who sings with a megaphone???

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